Thu 08
Cherries 1
City of Ely 1
Cherries 1 v. City of Ely 1

Cherries 1 v. City of Ely 1

By Karen Neal
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Wild card - everyone to be given a random bib!

Tonight's wild card was that the umpire took all of our bibs from us, once we'd got in position - put them behind her back, and handed them out randomly to our team.

Sally was in C (normally GD), Zoe GA (normally GK), Sam GS (normally GK), Ruth WD (normally GS), Lozza GD (normally GA)and Jeeps WA (normally C). Joss was lucky as she got GK, which is one of normal positions.

It made for a really fun game, and we all had to think about what we were doing and concentrate a little more, as we were mostly well out of our comfort zones!

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Thu 08, May 2014