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CBH Constitution and Principles

The Spirit of Chester Boughton Hall Cricket Club

Our Code of Conduct for players, members and spectators.

Established over 100 years ago, Chester Boughton Hall Cricket Club has a tradition built upon strong principles established by its members.

The Club’s passion and purpose have ensured that it has rightly become an ECB Focus Club within the region providing unrivalled facilities for players, members and spectators young and old. The aim is to ensure that it will continue to thrive and progress for years to come so that future generations may continue to enjoy what we enjoy today.

It is therefore important for all to abide by and embrace, ’The Spirit of Chester Boughton Hall Cricket Club’.

Players, Members and Spectators should:

• Treat all equally without discrimination on the grounds of either gender, age, disability, race, ethnic origin, nationality, colour, parental or marital status, religious belief, class, social background, sexual preference or political belief
• Display high standards of behaviour at all times within the Clubhouse and general confines of the Club
• Respect the environment of Chester Boughton Hall Cricket Club by acting responsibly to help maintain its general appearance
• Respect and support those working to promote, manage and maintain the Club whether employees or volunteer personnel
• Promote the positive aspects of cricket at all times
• Encourage all participants to learn the Laws of Cricket and play within them, always respecting the decisions of match officials
• Actively discourage unfair play, rule violations and arguing with match officials
• Recognise good sporting performance and not simply match results

Where a player, member or spectator clearly acts in an unacceptable manner at the Club,appropriate disciplinary steps may be taken.


The Spirit of Cricket