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CBH Delivery Plan
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In 2016 the Club conducted its’ first members survey to identify those things we do well and those we could do better to inform the club’s 5 Year Development Plan. This was an important piece of work, which members contributed to and our Development Plan was submitted to the ECB as part of our Club Mark health check. The Plan, (a copy can be found on the Club Website) sets out our vision ‘To be the best Cricket Club in Cheshire’ and that is underpinned by the three key objectives that we asked you about in last year’s survey:

  • To provide high quality cricketing and social opportunities for all ages and abilities in a safe and welcoming environment
  • To embrace diversity to create an inclusive club ethos and enhance our local community
  • To administer our club operations effectively and with transparency.
  • To support these objectives we identified 12 aims shown below to focus on in 2017 and during the latter part of the season we will ask you to rate how well we are doing in delivering our objectives. For further information about the Development Plan, our key objectives or our aims for 2017 please speak with a member of the Cricket Committee.