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How d'you get on with our Christmas Quiz?

How d'you get on with our Christmas Quiz?

By CBHCC Web Manager
2nd January
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Here's the answers...

We set you 30 questions just before Christmas spread across three categories - current, recent and 'a while ago'.

Here's the answers...

The Big CBH Christmas Quiz 2018

1 Current…

1 Name the ex-CBH all-rounder who has just left Lancashire CCC to play for Surrey CCC in 2019 Jordan Clark

2 What is first prize in the annual CBH Century Club draw? £600

3 Who is CBH’s main commercial sponsor? Cullimore Dutton

4 Who was CBH ‘Junior of the Year’ in 2018? Noah Vickery

5 Who is CBH Blazers’ (Over 40s) captain for 2019? David Atkin

6 Name the ex-CBH woman player currently in the England side Sophie Ecclestone

7 Who is the current CBH President? Brian Gresty

8 Which current 1st XI player joined CBH from Oxton CC in 2015? Alex Money

9 Name CBH’s catering partner Dougherty & Allen

10 Who was CBH Women’s Bowler of the Year in 2018? Lorna Starkey

2 Recent…

1 Which year did CBH win the Nat West National T20 competition? 2014

2 Name the slow left arm 2nd team stalwart who played for Cheshire CCC in the 2000s Robin Fisher

3 How many times have CBH Woman won the T20 cup? 6

4 Which year did the ‘new’ Clubhouse open? 2002

5 Who was captain of the 2nd XI before Dan Riley? Andy Pembroke (2012)

6 Which ex-England captain and Ashes winner visited CBH twice in the last ten years and played in a friendly game? Andrew Flintoff

7 Who did CBH beat in the 2014 Cheshire Cup Final at Filkins Lane? Macclesfield

8 Which current 1st XI player was the League’s ‘Young Player of the Year’ in 2014? Harry Killoran

9 In 2010 CBH were one T20 game away from televised finals at the Ageas Bowl. Who defeated them at Filkins Lane in the regional semi-final? Bootle

10 Where did we all cycle ‘to and from’ in CBH’s 2015 big fundraiser? From Lords, London to the Melbourne Cricket Ground

3 A while ago…

1 Name two West Indies test bowlers who played for CBH in the 1980s Sir Curtley Ambrose and Winston Benjamin

2 Who was 1st XI captain when CBH were promoted to the Premier League in 2006? Stephen Ogilby)

3 How many times have CBH won the Cheshire Cup? 8

4 Which year did CBH move from the Liverpool Competition and play their first season in the Cheshire County League? 1998

5 When was the first ever cricket match played at CBH? 1873

6 What does a winning CBH player wear ‘around the town’? A blazer

7 Chester Nomads AFC first played football at CBH in 1913 but what’s the name of their other ground in Chester? The Garrison

8 Which current 2nd XI player made his CBH 1st XI debut in 1992 as an off spinner? Edward Roberts

9 Alex Kegg has been groundsman at CBH for (almost) generations. Who replaced him for three years while he worked at a local golf course? Loic Gresty

10 Name the former South Australian all-rounder who joined CBH in 1993 Stephen Wundke

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