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Killoran in the runs for the 3s

Killoran in the runs for the 3s

By CBHCC Web Manager
11 July
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10 out of 10 now for table topping threes


By Dave Fisher

This week saw the 3s welcome Barnton in hopes to take back the league at the top of the table with another 25 points.

Dave Fisher returned to captain the side and Bobby Evans also made a guest appearance in the side.

The toss was won and Fishy decided to have a bat.

Ste treen and Ian Metcalf opened the batting, after some runs last week and mid week Ste treen said he was feeling confident going in. Unfortunately, he was dismissed before 1 o’clock for zero runs. Lacky.

Reg Wyatt joined Foxy and the two were going well until foxy was caught at point for 17.
In came Ben Spaven, who came and went. This sent in bobby Evans, who after hitting a 4 first ball, also came and went.

Karl Stedman was next man in to join Reg who was looking good. The pair steadied the ship for a time, however Reg flashed hard at a short and wide one and the keeper gobbled it up. A much needed 30 from Reg nonetheless.

Ex- first team fielder and ex- second team keeper turned number 7 for the 3s, Joe Killoran, was next to join Karl at the crease. This partnership didn’t last the over as Karl was dismissed shortly after (bowled off the ball of the century, if you ask him he will be glad to talk you through it). Joe maddocks was sent to join Joe Killoran and the 3s, who possibly had the best 3rd team of all time, were on the ropes. This was until joe Killoran found some much needed form at exactly the right time punishing any short ball put in front of him.

Joe Maddocks was playing one hand one bounce at the other end, making sure it would be the last time anyone tells him to take his time.

Joe Killoran brought up his 50 after Joe Maddocks deflected one of his shots for 4 and slowly CBH managed to get a foothold in the game.

Joe Maddocks decided enough was enough and hit a bomb taking his total to 15 off 20 overs. Unfortunately, it was one bomb and gone again for Maddocks as he was dismissed in the same over. In came Dave Fisher who didn't last long, bowled, and then Ben Harvey to join Killoran. Barv managed to scamp his was to 16 and Joe Killoran was in the 80s.
Will fisher enjoyed a cameo at the end and enjoyed the majority of the strike as Joe Killoran was trying his best not to ton up.

Joe Killoran finished up on 87*, a game saving knock. Batted boi. CBH ended on 205 off their 45 overs.

Ben Harvey and Dave Fisher were to open the bowling. The usual pairing proved their worth once again as Barnton found themselves 25-5 off 10 overs. Barnton then managed to form somewhat of a partnership getting to the 15th over before another wicket was taken, giving Dave Fisher 4 wickets on his return to the side. Barv had also finished his spell getting one wicket of the opener with a inswinging beauty.

On came Joe Maddocks and Will Fisher. The pair bowled 7 overs between them and went for 55 with no wickets. Not their day. Special guest Bobby Evans was brought on to change the game and he got the crucial breakthrough in his second over. Reg Wyatt was on at the other end and he also found a wicket waiting for him in his second over.
Bobby Evans found another in his 4th over and of course Reg followed suit claiming a wicket with the last ball of his 4th over. Barnton all out for 129.

A full 25 points for the 3s sending them top of the league by 13 points on the back of the news that Cholmondeley had lost.
10 out of 10 for the boys so far.

Onto the next against Appleton away.

MoTM - Joe Killoran for his superb knock
DoTD - Joe Killoran for batting with his pants the wrong way round

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