Innovative service to help local restaurants get online and back in business

Innovative service to help local restaurants get online and back in business

By Jim Green
2 April
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FacebookTwitter has been developed by 16-year-old entrepreneur Chloe Wilson-Moore, the daughter of Chester Gladiators sponsor Jamie Wilson. is a new service to get local restaurants online and back in business in a flash.

Chloe, whose father Jamie is the founder of the club's Masters team sponsors RTD, came up with the idea to help struggling restaurants and gastropubs boost their sales and reopen the doors by providing a valuable service to local communities with takeaway or delivered home cooked food & drink.

Chloe recently decided to opt out of college to fulfil her dream of being a young female entrepreneur that can make a difference to people's lives. Chloe has invested some money out of the trust fund she received from her grandparents to get the business started.

Chloe said: “Given the recent outbreak and the devastating effect it’s had on restauranteurs, chefs, taxi and delivery drivers, I thought now would be the ideal time to launch my business idea so that I can make a difference to the people who are struggling, and provide a value added service to both the food & drink sector and consumers who are tired of poor quality takeaways, delivered via apps that charge high fees to restaurant owners, or just fed up with cooking at home. If the public can’t go to restaurants, I thought they could go to the customer." is a fully featured online ordering system for local restaurants and pubs which has been set up in less than a week. The service connects restaurants, chefs and the delivery drivers together as a community where everyone can work together so that immediately available, and out of work drivers & chefs can get back to paid work, enjoy making a contribution to the community and feel good about delivering top quality food & drink made with love to the nation.

Chloe said: “I discovered that many local restaurants nearby do not have the tools or the knowledge to set up their own online ordering facilities – most are only offering a telephone pick up service. I just thought that there must be a better way to solve this problem.

“So I approached my father, an online marketing entrepreneur who loved the idea and is helping me to make it easy for restaurants to get involved. Our service is unique because we take all the pain of getting set up online away, especially when restaurants have enough headaches right now - you don't get that anywhere else. He has helped me build a team of local entrepreneurs who have helped me turn my dreams into reality." is currently free to register and 50% of the profits will be donated to the NHS.

Restauranteurs can register their interest at

Pricing information:

  • Zero set-up fee
  • Zero platform licence fee
  • Free onboarding service – we’ll populate your menu
  • Free technical support
  • Flat 7.5% commission charge for orders placed

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