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Valley Cats Runners Up of Bristol Combination Cup - Match Report

Valley Cats Runners Up of Bristol Combination Cup - Match Report

Eloise Brown14 May - 16:46
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Give the Valley Cats a Cheer!!!

Hard day on the pitch for the Valley Cats a hot day after a heavy AGM, that defined mayhem in the marquee! The Ladies headed to Lockleaze for the first Women's Bristol Combination Cup. Although kick-off was arranged for 3:15 pm a tight game against Bristol Harlequins and Southmead left the ladies delayed and not kicking off until after 3:30 pm.

Valley Cats missing a few regular players but had a strong side not too far different from the team that beat Winscombe twice during the league games.

Winscombe started fast scoring in the first few minutes, Winscombe didn't have much luck breaking through the centre of the green and white wall but when pushed out wide Winscombe's winger's pace outpaced that of the Chew Cats! Clearly, the Cats were missing the advantage of their strong scrums while playing the U19's rules! Hand-off queen Taylor Woodman came off with HIA within the first 20 minutes :( A fierce forward missed on the pitch.

It wasn't till the 2nd half that the Cats would see themselves on the scoreboard with the first try coming from Captain Ally Stevens, Conversion kicked and secured by Charlotte Hynam!

The crowd screamed, " THERE'S ONLY ONE CHARLOTTE HYNAM!"

Cats 2nd try can from full-back Holly Washington from a rouge Winscombe kick. Conversion fell a little short.

Winscombe started to drop like flies but with a loaded bench didn't seem all that bothered. Cats dropped to 13 but Sammie Light dug deep and stepped back onto the pitch.

The cats were must of shock off the hangover by the 2nd half as we started to see better play from them passing from side to side and breaking the game line. Bronte was held up over the line, and soon 70 mins were up! Final score Cast 12 - Winscombe 70.

Despite the score not being what the Cats expected the Cats celebrated loud and proud! Team Manager Eloise running pitch side with a bottle of Fizz for Vice Cap Sammie and Cap Ally!!

Sammie couldn't wait for the sweet relief of fizz popping straight away to fill the Ladies' glass mugs! Ally going for the option to spray the ladies!! Note who values alcohol more here ;)

Don't fear Cats fans the Cats did not feel defeated, we are but resilient after a full season of losses in 2021-2022! The Cats gave a big cheer (some say bigger than Winscombe) posed for photos and set a path ready to party again at CVRFC at the Mayhem in the Marquee party!!

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