Car Park Season Ticket Information


Season Ticket can be used for Oakland’s Pavilion Car Park only and further to the following:

  1. Upon application, the name supplied to Oakland’s Pavilion, which is stated on initial application, will be deemed as the Season Ticket holder.
  2. The fact that a payment has been forwarded does not guarantee that a season ticket will be issued.
  3. Possession of a Season Ticket does not guarantee the availability of a space for the holder to park
  4. It is the responsibility of the Season Ticket holder to inform and supply all users of the Season Ticket with the Terms & Conditions.
  5. In the event of a Season Ticket being lost an administration charge of £10.00 will apply for the issue of a replacement.
  6. To request a refund, the Season Ticket must be returned to Oakland’s Pavilion. Refunds can only be issued for the remaining full months of the Season Ticket.
  7. Only by clearly displaying a valid Season Ticket itself continuously on the windscreen of the vehicle will it be accepted as a valid exemption from the pay and display requirements.
  8. If two or more identical Season Tickets are being displayed in two vehicles simultaneously both Season Tickets will be considered void and the standard charges for the car park will be applicable.
  9. Facsimile copies will be regarded as void and the standard charges applicable to the car park will apply.
  10. Season Tickets are perpetual; this means that when you renew you will not require a replacement Season Ticket as all the ticket information is contained in the barcode. However, you must renew at least 36 hours before the expiry date to allow the barcode details to be updated.
  11. Season Tickets can be renewed up to 14 days before the end of each month.
  12. If the Season Ticket is not renewed 14 days after the expiry, it may be necessary to submit a new application.
  13. It is the responsibility of the Season Ticket holder to inform Oakland’s Pavilion of vehicle registration changes via:
  14. The Season Ticket holder must allow 36 hours for a new vehicle registration mark to be updated on the Season Ticket.
  15. If for any reason the Season Ticket holder will not be parking the vehicle which is logged against the season ticket, please contact Oakland’s Pavilion on before the vehicle is parked and advice will be given.
  16. When renewing, or changing a registration on a Season Ticket, Bank Holidays, Public holidays and the Christmas period should be taken into consideration.
  17. Four vehicle registration marks can be registered against the Season Ticket.
  18. The Season Ticket holder can use any parking space in the Oakland’s Pavilion Car Park, except for any space allocated for a specific user. Leaving a vehicle in a part of a Car Park not allocated for this use will render the season ticket void. An alternative parking space within any of the other car parks must be found or the standard charges applicable to the car park in which the vehicle is parked will need to be paid.
  19. The number of Season Tickets available in each car park will be restricted to enable spaces to be used for pay & display users.
  20. The vehicle the Season Ticket is displayed in must be parked in the area marked blue within the attached map reasonable and just way to not impede other users for the car park.
  21. Oakland’s Pavilion reserves the right to vary its parking arrangements at any time without notice.
  22. If a Season Ticket is suspected of being misused, it will be withdrawn.
  23. Oakland’s Pavilion accepts no liability for loss or damage to any vehicle including the fittings or contents.
  24. Failure to comply with the Terms & Conditions may result in a Penalty Charge Notice being issued. Please go to to view the Parking Order (

Chichester District Council, Oakland’s Pavilion updated March 2014