The Community

Chichester RFC is committed to increasing the exposure of children in the Chichester area to the game of rugby. Rugby is a game that encourages and develops self discipline, fair play, strong team ethics and fun.

At Chichester RFC we aim to provide children with:

  • A safe and fun learning environment.
  • Access to a centre of excellence relating to rugby coaching and facilities.
  • A place where young people can develop self esteem and respect for one another.
  • The skills to enable them to play 15-a-side rugby when they are older.
  • An understanding of team values.
  • Increased self confidence.
  • The opportunity to create new friendships.

In order to promote Rugby in local schools, Chichester RFC has formed a partnership with the School Sports Coordinator Programme and the Chichester District Council. The partnership is designed at bringing Rugby into as many schools as possible and to help develop the skills of all teaching staff in the coaching of rugby to children of all ages.

In promoting the partnership, Chichester RFC aims to bring together all those concerned with the delivery of Youth Rugby activities to the local community. Members of the partnership aim to follow the principles of the Sports Development Continuum, namely Foundation, Participation, Performance and Excellence.

By partnering with the School Sports co-ordinator programme and the District Council we will expose more school children to the benefits or rugby and offer them an alternative sport to channel their energies.

The aims of the partnership are:

  • To promote Youth Rugby within the Chichester Area.
  • To promote links between schools and Chichester RFC, and provide opportunities for boys and girls to develop rugby skills.
  • To create and support coaching expertise within local schools.
  • To provide access to a sport that all can take part in.
  • To organize and deliver an annual schools rugby "tag" festival to give the teams a competitive event to aim for.

For further details contact Ben Bulpett - CRFC School Sports Coordinator Tel: 01243 778 297