FA CRB Guide

FA CRB Online Applicant Guidance

How do I get started?

Go to www.online.tmgcrb.co.uk and select REGISTER from the login screen and enter the information requested, including:

Org PIN - 104435
Secret word - racing

Org name Chichester City Youth FC

Once registered you can then login using the above organisation PIN, your email address and password created as part of the registration process and commence your online DBS application. You will be asked for your National Insurance, Passport and Driving Licence numbers so please ensure you have this information ready.
Please ensure you provide your FAN in the Personal Reference Number field provided (if known).
Once completed and submitted you are required to provide proof of identity to your Club Welfare Officer in support of your application. All Identity Documents (ID) must be original, photocopies are not acceptable. The list of acceptable ID and an ID selection tool form part of the online application.

What happens next?

The Club Welfare Officer will verify your Identity Documents (ID) and submit the application to The FA CRB where the application will be validated before progressing to the DBS for further processing. Upon completion, the DBS will issue you with a copy of the DBS Disclosure. The FA CRB will update their records and forward the Disclosure result to The FA. Your club welfare officer is Matt Wright, please contact him on 07534996578 or matt.wright@chichester.ac.uk to verify documents.

How much does it cost, how do I pay?
Volunteer fee: £10
Non-volunteer fee: £54
Payment is made online via PayPal (credit and debit cards accepted). Payment is made once the verification process is complete. You can choose to pay later but your application will not be submitted for processing until payment has been made.
Receipts: if a receipt is required, it should be printed as part of the payment process.

Use of CRB Enhanced Disclosure information by The FA
By completing an online DBS Enhanced Disclosure application the applicant is allowing The FA to have sight of any criminal record or non-conviction information that is held and released by the Police via the DBS process. This information may include outstanding prosecutions and relevant allegations of criminal behaviour. In line with the DBS Code of Practice, The FA may disclose this information to those involved in making a suitability decision. The FA may use any or all of this information to help decide on your suitability to be involved with children or vulnerable adults in football.

Is it secure?
Yes. The Online Service is tested, approved, audited and used by several government departments. Information security management: UKAS accredited, ISO 27,001:2005.

Should you require any further information regarding The FA CRB online service please email FAChecks@TheFA.com or ring 0845 210 8080.

The FA CRB team