Venues, Pitches and Parking

Venues, Pitches and Parking

Chichester City Youth FC play their home games at:

Chichester High School,
Kingsham Road,
PO19 8EB

The full list of facilities available are:
Full size pitch x 2
9v9 Youth size pitch x 1
7v7 Youth size pitch x 1
5v5 Mini soccer pitch x 1

Parking is limited and restricted to the car parks available at the front of the school. There are 3 car parks as you enter the premises. Please park here and walk over to the pitches, which are located behind the Tim Peake Sports Centre. Please do not drive past the Time Peake Sports Centre as we are not permitted to use any space down this road for our parking, these are reserved for other events that take place at weekends.

Occasionally we will have 3 teams playing simultaneously AND additional parents arriving for later matches. With away parents, match and club officials, team coaches, grandparents etc, the numbers of cars on busy match days will be high, but we still can only park in the front car parks. If there is no space available you would need to find alternate parking away from the school grounds.

Thanks in advance for your support.