Sun 20
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Brighton and Hove Albion
G Starkey (27')
An unfortunate loss

An unfortunate loss

By Rosie Maher
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What was thought to be a tough game for Chichester was proven wrong with from kick off!

What was thought to be a tough game for Chichester was proven wrong right from kick off, with Chi getting of to a fantastic start. Abbey Shrubb and Megan Thompson pressed high and fast in the opening minutes causing Brighton to make a few mistakes in the early stages of the game and allowing Shrubb to have a few close attempts on goal. With Steph Madden getting stuck in and battling hard in the middle of the park, Brighton found it difficult to maintain possession of the ball and play their usual football. All over the pitch, Chi worked hard to keep the pressure on Brighton and soon it payed of when one of the players on their back line made a mistake, scoring an own goal, putting Chichester in the lead at 1-0. Brighton soon equalised the playing field and started to control the game as they upped their tempo. This saw them score the second goal of the game. With Georgina Starkey off injured and Megan Evans bought in on her place, Chichester worked extremely hard through till half time, and denied Brighton the opportunity to get close on goal.
Second half kicked off and Brighton immediately began to dominate. Central midfielders Madden and Annie Richardson, and Chi's defenders, worked hard to stop Brighton from getting through, however the continuos attacks made from Brighton proved too much and they were able score their second goal of the game closely followed by their third. Chichester's heads dropped and a couple of subs were made with the hope that a fresh pair of legs would change the dynamics of the game. Unfortunately, Chi were unable to play their usual football. ALthough Chichester worked hard against a stronger team, Brighton proved to be a difficult side and finished the game way ahead at 6-1.
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Sun 20, Nov 2011