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Getting to know the Players - First Up SPENNY

Getting to know the Players - First Up SPENNY

David Floyd4 Jul 2020 - 14:16
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Watch your toes if you are training/playing this season ! Spenny is the clumsiest man i know

TOP MAN - We are lucky to have such a great character

Question 1: when did you join the Chineham Rugby family?
Answer - 2008
Question 2: what is your favourite playing position?
Answer: Prop/2nd row/number 8
Question 3: what is your best on field memory of Chineham Rugby?
Answer: Finally getting the win as captain in the John Williams Memorial Game and lifting the cup finally
Question 4: what is your best off the field moment at Chineham Rugby?
Answer: Coach trip back from the island, the game after our first win there. Plus any coach trip. Plus any tour is always epic
And getting club colours, it’s was epic. The noise even I got the award was something else
Question 5: what is the funniest moment at Chineham Rugby?
Answer: A generic answer is drag queen Halloween as all get involved, however a in game moment, diving for the try line over the 5m line
Question 6: who is the best player you have played with at Chineham rugby?
Answer: Far to many to decide from, from far to many era’s and groups of players
Question 7: which team do you like playing against?
Answer: Any if the local teams. Always a good grudge match on the pitch, but enjoy off field after
Question 8: what would you still like to achieve at Chineham Rugby?
Answer: To beat the legend that is Howard Pickett and be top appearance for the club
Question 9: what do you want to achieve next season with Chineham Rugby?
Answer: a competitive season where we challenge towards the top end of the table and then who knows where we go from there
Question 10: what do you like most about Chineham Rugby?
Answer: Everything, the brother hood, the family atmosphere, all that the club stands for is what I believe in, you go to battle together, fight together and bleed together. And then drink and enjoy life together off the pitch

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