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Chippenham RFC Financial Statement re COVID19

Chippenham RFC Financial Statement re COVID19

25 March
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Following the club’s communication announcing the full closure of the clubhouse and grounds, we outline the financial implications of the Covid-19.

Dear Members,

Following the club’s communication to members on Friday announcing the full closure of the clubhouse and grounds, I am writing to outline the financial implications of the Covid-19 pandemic for the club and to ask for your assistance.

As a result of the closure of the clubhouse, like many other individuals and organisations, CRFC has now lost its major source of income for an unknown period. Your club is run on a ‘not for profit’ basis, where profits are reinvested back into the club each year, so any significant reduction to our revenue has serious and immediate implications for the club.

The club’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee have worked tirelessly over recent years to ensure the club is managed as efficiently as possible and, as a result, we are proud that the club has been able to freeze the majority of membership fees for the past 3 seasons. We now ask that our members work together with the club to help us steer CRFC through what will undoubtably be one of the most challenging periods in our long history.

We have received questions from some members asking how they can help the club through this difficult period and I have outlined below the two key ways in which you can help us:

How can I help the club?

1/ Please continue to pay your CRFC Direct Debits

The club offers a Direct Debit facility whereby members can opt to make payments for membership and/or training fees over 12 months, rather than make a one off payment. By signing the Direct Debit agreement, members agree to make 12 monthly payments to the club (Sept to Sept) and the club’s budgets and payments to our suppliers are set up accordingly. Although the RFU has ended this season early, please continue to pay your monthly direct debits for the agreed 12 month term. For information, payments to the club are often listed as ‘Sports Club Subs’ on bank statements.

We fully understand the financial pressure which many individuals and businesses are facing during this crisis but any additional revenue reduction, on top of the clubhouse closure, will have serious implications for the financial stability and future of the club. If you do have a genuine case of financial hardship please contact our Treasurer, James Harding, and he will discuss options that may be available to you. James can be contacted, in confidence, at

2/ Please consider joining the CRFC Monthly Lottery, 'The Money Maul’

You may be aware that the club runs a monthly lottery, ‘The Money Maul’, to raise funds specifically to cover essential maintenance and improvement projects for the clubhouse and grounds. Without these funds, the club’s rising maintenance costs would have to be passed directly on to our members in the form of increased membership fees each year.

The Money Maul prize pot has now paid out almost £20k to members since launch and it has helped to fund important maintenance and improvement projects throughout the clubhouse and grounds. The Money Maul funds are vitally important to the club at this moment as we will continue to have maintenance costs, even though the clubhouse is closed.

The Money Maul entry fee is £5 per entry, per month and this is split 60:40 between the club and the prize pot, from which three cash prizes are paid each month. Money Maul draws will continue to be made each month during the clubhouse closure and a membership form is attached should you wish to join. Please complete the attached form and return it to the club, by post, for the attention of our Bookkeeper, Debbie Maloney.

Existing Money Maul members who wish to further support the club by increasing their number of monthly entries can contact Debbie Malony at and Debbie will arrange to increase your Direct Debit payments.

Thank you for your support

I am very grateful to all members who have sent the club messages of support during this difficult time. I’m sure that we all long for a return to some form of normality in our lives and a time when the fun, enjoyment and friendship provided by rugby can be enjoyed again at Allington Fields. I’m certain that if we all work together, Chippenham RFC will come through this difficult period with the club in a secure financial position.

Many thanks for your continued support.


Ian Banister
Chippenham RFC


CRFC Money Maul Application Form

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