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Money Maul winners - March - Is it You?

Money Maul winners - March - Is it You?

By Steve Whitehead
7 April
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At this month's Executive Meeting, the draw was conducted using the usual lucky balls and the winners are...

Money Maul winners are:

£25 Dan Garraway
£50 Ed Bell
£75 Martin Schrader
£100 Mike Griffin

Congratulations to all and please join in the CRFC Money Maul.

We are very grateful to those club members who have recently submitted new applications to join the Money Maul as well as those existing players who have increased their entries each month. This additional support to help the club is much appreciated.

We have paid out over £15,000 in winnings but have also raised much needed funds for the Club. Please join in and support.

Get your application in now. The form is attached to this news item.

Best wishes


CRFC Money Maul Application Form

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