Welcome to the Official site of the Swifts...!

Welcome to the Official site of the Swifts...!

By Chipping Norton Swifts FC
25 August 2019
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It is now easier than ever to keep up to date with all things CNSFC...!

Swifts' new and improved Pitchero site allows us to display the news from within the club, as well as the goings-on with all of our age groups, easily and in a much more user-friendly manner.

The new-look homepage displays all Swifts news in a much neater manner, making it easy for you to find exactly what you're looking for, as quickly as possible:

Our new home page gives a detailed overview across the whole club - as you scroll down the page, you will see the following;

  • Quick links to our outside sites; Facebook and Twitter, as well as a link to the FA Full Time pages for the Witney and District Youth League, are now situated at the very top of the home page.
  • The main body of the home page now displays four of our most recent pieces of info - whether that be the latest Match Reports, or any whole club news.
  • Next, the "Matches" Section outlines the most recent results for our sides along the left hand side - with our upcoming fixtures, along the right. Below this, you will see all of the latest league tables.
  • Looking for a specific team? As always, our "teams" tab at the top of the page allows you to select the age group you are looking for, where you will find Fixtures, Results, Tables, Match Reports and Photos, all exclusively from the group chosen.
  • There is now a separate section of the site for Photos from within the club, so you can see for yourselves all the happenings from weekend's previous.

Sign in as a Supporter of CNSFC...!

Finally, and most importantly, as part of our safeguarding policies, we still require all supporters to create a Pitchero account and register as a supporter of the club, before they are granted access to Photos, statistics, and information from each team. The process is simple and completely free, and can also be done through Facebook, but in doing so it allows the club to hide access to some parts of the site unless approved by ourselves, and manage exactly who is viewing our content. For instructions on how to do this, see below.

As well as being granted access to all parts of the site following our approval - becoming a supporter through Pitchero also subscribes you to a Weekly Swifts Newsletter, which will appear in your email inbox, and give you a quick overview of everything that has happened at Swifts over the past week, and what is to come.

If you are a parent, you can also connect your account to a specific player, and hence, be kept up to date on the team of your choosing.

We hope all users of our site will be as pleased as we are with the improvements to chippyswifts.co.uk - and that you are kept fully up to date...!

How to Sign up as a Member of ChippySwifts.co.uk

  1. Visit the site home page as normal - www.chippyswifts.co.uk
  2. Once onto the homepage, click the bottom in the top right of the screen "Join this Club Website"
  3. Fill in your details by following instructions provided* (*Note; you DO NOT need to input your phone or mobile number, this is up to you)
  4. Upon completing provided fields, select either "Club Member", "Parent", or select both options. Selecting "Parent" will only allow you to view sections of the website relating to your child - selecting "Club Member" will allow you access to all Club News (You can select Club Member, and also connect your account to your child by selecting Parent also).
  5. After finishing the above steps, you are given the option to type any additional information into a box, to help us to confirm who exactly it is asking for access - again, this is entirely optional.
  6. Your request for access will now be complete, and upon approval from the club, you will be allowed to view all content on the site...!

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