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President's Welcome

Firstly can I say it is an absolute privilege for me to be elected as President of CDRFC for the 2018-2019 season. It is a position that I will not take lightly and will endeavour to represent this club to the best of my ability. I am very conscious of the fact that this club is steeped in history, one of the oldest in Ireland founded in 1881 ( oldest being Monkstown formed just slightly before this in 1854) and I will be keen to keep and maintain our reputation as the Premier AIL side in the North West of Ireland.

The club continues to go through a transitional period with a lot of new faces getting involved in volunteering at all levels. This augers well for the future. So a big thanks goes to them for getting involved and also to those who are continuing in their roles, as volunteering is vital and provides the backbone for our club. I would also like to thank those who have previously served as volunteers, but for one reason or another, have decided to step down.

As we all know, rugby clubs, like most sporting clubs, face massive challenges going forward, such as recruitment and retention of players. Unfortunately we hear all too often of sporting clubs and societies folding, but I believe we are in a good position presently, but must not rest on our laurels and continue to keep the focus. Finances are always an issue too, but we are very lucky we have extremely generous sponsors who, without whom, we would simply not survive. A big thank you to all our sponsors.

I believe we have an excellent structure in place at City of Derry RFC and ask you all to back and support our committee and office bearers. We are all trying our best. We must also bear in mind those members who made City of Derry RFC what it is today. We must continue with this legacy in a responsible manner with good stewardship and clear direction.


So let’s look forward to a successful season at City of Derry RFC.

Many thanks

Ian Stone