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Club Commercial Sponsorship

Club Commercial Sponsorship

Admin -17 Nov - 19:00
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Clifton FC seeks dynamic commercial partnerships with local businesses and eagerly invites potential sponsors to join forces

Clifton All Whites seeks dynamic commercial partnerships with local businesses and eagerly invites potential sponsors to join forces for the remainder of this season along with the season that follows.

Advertising at grassroots football grounds can offer several benefits for sponsors. Here are some key advantages:

1: Local Exposure: Grassroots football grounds tend to attract a dedicated and passionate local audience. Placing adverts around the pitch allows sponsors to target a specific geographical area and gain exposure to the local community. This can be particularly valuable for businesses that primarily operate within the region.

2: Targeted Audience: Advertising at grassroots football grounds allows commercial sponsors to reach a specific demographic of sports enthusiasts, including players, families, friends, and local supporters. Sponsors can tailor their messaging to align with the interests and values of this target audience, increasing the likelihood of engagement and brand recognition.

3: Community Engagement: Grassroots football is deeply embedded in local communities, often serving as a social hub. By associating their commercial brand with a grassroots football ground, sponsors demonstrate their commitment to community involvement and support for local initiatives. This can foster positive brand sentiment and enhance the sponsor’s reputation among community members.

4: Brand Visibility: Placing adverts around the pitch ensures high visibility for sponsors. Football matches draw a significant number of spectators, and advertising boards positioned strategically around the pitch can capture the attention of both the live audience and viewers of photographs or video footage. This visibility helps increase brand awareness and exposure, leading to potential customer acquisition and retention.

5: Affordability: Compared to advertising opportunities at professional or televised sporting events, grassroots football grounds typically offer more cost-effective sponsorship packages. This affordability allows smaller businesses with limited marketing budgets to access advertising platforms that may have been otherwise inaccessible.

6: Long-term Exposure: Grassroots football leagues often run throughout the year, with regular matches and events. By sponsoring a football ground, sponsors can enjoy long-term exposure to a consistent audience. This sustained presence helps reinforce brand recognition and recall among the local community, potentially leading to increased customer loyalty and repeat business.

7: Association with Positive Values: Grassroots football is often associated with values such as teamwork, fair play, dedication, and community spirit. By aligning their brand with these positive values, sponsors can enhance their brand image and create a favourable perception among consumers. This association can lead to improved customer trust and loyalty.

We have lots of opportunities around the ground and our website will be updated shortly with details, in the meantime please do get in touch to discuss.


Please get in touch for more details

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