Under 11s
Sun 13 Mar 2022
Clock Face Miners
Under 11s
Oldham St Annes
Under 11s v oldham St Annes

Under 11s v oldham St Annes

Stephanie mercer13 Mar 2022 - 17:48
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Clock face Miners -4 Oldham St Annes- 22

Clock face miners 4 Oldham st Anne’s 22

Tough first game for us in the top league today but mostly because of our performance, I know if we play anywhere near our best game we will hold our own against any of the teams in this league. Today wasn’t one of them days though! We attacked ok at times but in defence we weren’t at the races as I’m sure you will all agree. The second half was a draw so it proves that we are where we belong if we put the effort in. We will rally the troops this week and go again on Sunday against pilks with the hope of getting a better performance out of the kids. Thanks as always for your support today everyone ??????

Try- Tommy Unsworth

MOM - Freddy hewit
Parents - Evie Cliffe
Coaches - Denis (first game too well done mate?)

Special thanks to Carrie Roberts from the Saints women for your support

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Sun 13 Mar 2022


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