Sun 24
Under 18 Ravens (Midweek)
Studs utd fc 11s
K Fryer (10'), (34'), (38'), (55'), H Fairbrother (22'), (41'), T Field (48'), (59'), S Grandidge (27'), (29'), (57'), R Haywood (51'), (53')
Massive Win today For under 11s Ravens 13-0

Massive Win today For under 11s Ravens 13-0

By Tony Fryer
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Total domination 13-0 winners

Well todays match , where do we start here.
Incredible score line our finishing was fantastic today the game as a whole ended 13-0 althou our passing wasnt as sharp as normal the finishing made up for it.
most parts of the match we played some fantastic football but in total domination for the whole hour we just presured them all match they never got a look in with tank only having to make 1 save all game
Last of the pre season games done now
Now the season starts next week against quorn div 3 side in the cup im guessing next weeks game will be completely different to today though
Well done to the whole team today at times we looked awsome
Tony Fryer
Goals :
Kieran fryer 4
Sam townsend 2
Shaun grandidge 3
Josh hall 2
Rossi haywood 2
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Sun 24, Aug 2014



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Shaun Grandidge

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Shaun Grandidge