Video of Mini Rugby back in the Day

By Barry Cook
4 January 2021
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Which 3 are they? 1st teamers as they were in the late '90's!!

Who are the 3?
Barry Cook

Happy New Year everyone and let us hope we can look forward 2021 and some Rugby. To try and keep people interested and drive some traffic to the website the club is going to add a series of Videos to the website which people may be interested in.

We have a few videos that we can add from the past but would welcome any video/photographic content that members think may be of interest to others or just for pure entertainment. Please be aware however that because of Child Protection (recent footage) some content may not be used.

If you have something you think may be useful please contact Barry Cook at In the meantime enjoy the content and task your brains.

A quick link to the video is here: Mini Rugby in the day

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