10 Brilliant Ways to Reuse Your Cardboard Boxes

10 Brilliant Ways to Reuse Your Cardboard Boxes

By Coleman David David
13th April 2018
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Cardbord boxes are a very rugged and common type of cardboard packaging boxes used in the most durable and demanding packaging.

 These types of cardboard boxes are specially designed to withstand great amounts of pressure and impacts while keeping the items packaged in them safe and secure.Their textured finish has multi-layered construction and offers the highest durability and also reusability features that are unmatched by most other types of cardboard boxes. Here are a few brilliant ways cardboard boxes can be reused:

1: Gift Appreciation

One of the better ways of acknowledging the importance of gifts from the loved ones is letting them know how you feel through a handwritten the note on a piece of the original gift you're received or the cardboard packaging you received it in. Re-gift your gift or a part of it to get appreciated in the most efficient way.

2: Efficient Plant Containers:

Corrugated cardboard boxes can easily be cut into required sized for very appropriate plant holders. Line them up with a plastic sheet to keep the cardboard dry with poked holes going all the way through the cardboard as well and paint or color the outside walls of your new plant container and add any additional embellishments to get your new plant holders ready for any required places in the house.

3: Children’s Play Time

Different types of cardboard boxes including the corrugated boxes could easily be cut into any required shapes and even alphabets or numbers as well. While alphabets or numbers suit very young children best, little more complex fine cut puzzles where children have to put back the whole sheet into its original shape and position offer a good, engaging challenge for somewhat older children as well.

4: Storage in Style:

You never have too many storage containers; there is always that something that keeps popping up even after you have put away the storage items. Cardboard boxes cut into required shapes and sizes can function very well as efficient storage options. Add a bit of color or design to their outsides by painting or embellishing them with stickers to add beauty to the storage space as well.

5: Cat Scratcher:

Everyone who has a cat in the house would be well aware of the damage they do to the most expensive furniture in the house while they pretty scratch themselves. A permanent cat scratcher made from corrugated boxes shaped in a circle with no gaps between layers can work great. Paint the outside wall into striped multi-colored designs to suit the interior better as well. Regardless, your cat will have an allocated scratching object, and you will have spared good-looking furniture around the house.

6: Maze Amaze!

Cardboard boxes are available in even the biggest of sizes when they are required to package bigger items in them. Cutting amazing mazes out of them for children is a great way to keep them occupied and put the cardboard to better use than to light up the fireplace.

7: All You Need Tags:

Luggage or general-purpose tags are always required especially while traveling or packing away items in the storage area. Cut you’re cardboard into appropriately sized tags and poke a hole at their topsides, pass a string through the hole, and you have a very functional writeable tag for any requirement.

8: Magazines Holders:

Cereal cardboard boxes or other similar sized products boxes come in very sturdy and durable options. Cut them at an angle running diagonally down from one of the topsides to create an efficient magazine holder that can hold a good number of magazines in one container. Organizing magazines are easier this way as well.

9: Wall Art

For the environmentally friendly people, used cardboard provides an excellent opportunity to be design painted or printed in various art forms to be attached to walls around interiors. Numerous printing, coloring and drawing options are available for cardboard chunks or blocks cut in right shapes and sizes.

10: Gift Bags:

While there are beautiful gift bags options available in the market rather easily, making one yourself from already used cardboard is surprisingly satisfying. Cardboard from cereal boxes or any other packaging boxes cut in required sizes and dimensions can be stapled or pasted together using adhesives to form efficient gift boxes that can be embellished using decorative items on them as well for added appeal.

Custom Cardboard Boxes very durable packaging options for various purposes but also specialize in keeping their shape and state good as new even after multi times of usage. Once they are no longer required, re-using them in any of the mentioned ways or any other way for that matter is particularly easy and manageable.

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