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How to Make your Own Google Cardboard

By Coleman David David

This is a great initiative

Google just came with the amazing Cardboard technology which lets the viewers see in virtual reality. This is a great initiative, and it lets anyone with a phone experience the fun of looking through a virtual reality lens and play 3D games or enjoy the virtual tours through their DIY Google cardboards.

You can make your own Google cardboard at home using very few supplies. The major supplies that, you need for this project is your smartphone, just a few lens, and cardboard that is reliable and sturdy enough to hold your Google cardboard.

Below is the proper list of things that you will need to make your own Google cardboard.


Of course, the first thing you need is cardboard, as the name of the apparatus suggests. The cardboard sheet that you use should be corrugated, and it should be strong enough to hold the whole apparatus but not too thick that it causes issues while folding. The thickness of cardboards is determined by different standards called as Flutes.
You need to get an E flute for this particular project. Go for the cardboard which is thin yet still sturdy and is at least 1.5mm in thickness. Any more thickness than that will cause hindrance in the folding of the cardboard.


You do not normally use lenses with many DIY projects, but for this one, lenses are a necessity. You need lenses that have a focal distance of 45 mm since they are efficient in their working. It is better to go with biconvex lenses if you are wishing to prevent any distortion from ruining your sight of view.

3. Magnets:

You also need magnets for this particular project. Two different magnets are needed, namely, the Neodymium ring magnet which is at least 19 mm in size and the ceramic disk magnet which is 30 mm in size.

  • You also need two strips of VELCRO with an adhesive back. The measurements of this strip should be at least 20mm by 30 mm.
  • Other than that, you would also need a rubber band to hold the phone in place and other important things like glue and scissors which are required for every project you do at home.

Making the Cardboard :

Then, you need to download a template from the internet which is suggested by Google. After that, print your template on paper and paste this paper on the cardboard.
The template will come with red and black lines. When you are cutting the cardboard, make sure not to cut along the red lines. Instead, you need to cut along the black lines for more accuracy.

After you have glued the printed template on the cardboard and the cardboard has been cut according, you need to add the lens now. Fold along the lens part and then add your lens into the marked area on the template. After you have done that, you can quickly fold the cardboard over.

Adding the Magnets:

Lastly, you need to affix the magnets with glue. On one side, you need to fasten with glue, and on the other side, the magnet will just attach to the back of the cardboard since the other magnet will attract it. Your Cardboard is ready for viewing, and you can start the experience by downloading the app on your phone and using it to step into virtual reality.
For learning more about, how to make a custom cardboard box you can find simple tutorials on the internet for your help.

Updated 09:51 - 6 Dec 2017 by Coleman David David

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