Sun 28
1st Team
CoJags vs Tegate

CoJags vs Tegate

By Jen Watton
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CoJags break their away loosing streak!

Today Cojags faced Team Tegate on their away ground. It started with Bryony and Rosie in defence with Maiya WD. They turned over lots of rebound balls and worked really well together, with Maiya carrying the ball through court nicely allowing us to convert the goals. Jen and Anna made a good combination feeding into Monika and Georgie in the D. Both players in the D rotated well and worked back to the line if weren’t confident. As a result of the good play in the first quarter we were up by 5.
Quarter two started strong with the same combination. It was a tighter quarter with Tegate turning over a few of our centres. But defence and centre court brought it back getting the ball down to goal nicely. Ending the quarter up by 4 with a tight score.
The third quarter there were some changes with Freya coming into GA, Monika going to WD and Grace becoming Gk with Bryony moving up to GD. The new combination proved to work well as we converted lots of turn over balls. We managed to pulled away by quite a bit in the third quarter.
The final quarter Monika moved to Centre and Maiya came onto WD. The ball was worked around the D well and if there were no option the ball would go back; meaning the possession was kept.
With a final score of 58-41 us taking the win !

POM - Monika

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Sun 28, Nov 2021