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Cojags vs Grangers

Cojags vs Grangers

By Jen Watton
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A tough day on court for Cojags

Q1 Cojags v Grangers
Q2 Cojags v Grangers
Q3 Cojags v Grangers
Q4 Cojags v Grangers


After a tough game against Grangers back in 2021 Cojags knew what they had to do to come away with the win.

Starting this game was Rosie and Bryony in defence. Emily WD, Jen in the middle, Anna at WA. Down the other end Freya and a welcome return to Georgie after falling off her horse! The first quarter Cojags started strong. Calm passages of play throughout the court combined with numerous turnovers and interceptions meant Georgie and Freya had numerous opportunities to put the ball through the net - which they did very successfully. Q1 ended 17-11 to Cojags

Q2 one change for Cojags - Anya back for the weekend and pops on the GD bib. Grangers make a change at WD (our eventual opps POM) who had an instant impact reducing the space down the attacking end. Anna and Jen continue to work hard, resetting the ball and choosing the safer pass option. Rosie and Anya continue to hassle and force errors and the wall begins to work with forced 3 seconds and turnovers off their centre pass. Emily works tirelessly to support down court and G and Freya continue their fine form slotting the goals away. Towards the final 5 mins of the quarter tiredness kicks in and basic errors begin to creep into our game. Despite this we maintain the lead. Q2 ends 13-13 and 30-24 to Cojags.

Q3 Bryony comes back on GK and Ellie is introduced at GA with Freya dropping back to GS. Halfway through Jen has to call injury for a pulled calf muscle, taking her out the rest of the game. Emily shifts into C with Grace coming on into WD. Some great pressure from Cojags through court causes more 3 seconds calls by the umpires with Ellie and Freya confidently converting. Grace has instant impact using her long limbs to her advantage, getting plenty of tips. However, some poor decision making creates numerous turnovers for Grangers as we start trying to force the ball down court. Grangers open the thrusters and start taking control of the game, winning the quarter 16-7. Q3 ends 40-37 to Grangers.

Q4. Grangers just kept those thrusters on. Some beautiful moments of play from Cojags but ultimately silly errors and a lack of connection on court let Grangers run away with the quarter and we couldn't gain the lead back. We did however learn that Anna can fly and in every match she generously takes a hit for every member of the team - thanks Anna! Quarter 4 ends 19-8 to Grangers and they win the game 59-45.

Up next we trek up to Norfolk. We beat Norfolk at home before Christmas but we know it'll be a tough one!

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Sun 13, Feb 2022