Our Vision

As a club we wish to operate as a self-sustainable organisation and be seen to operate as close to a professional outfit as possible. We want to have the best facilities and equipment available for the club to reflect our ambition to be the best team in the North East. The move to Cramlington Sporting club was the first stage of this, and finding sponsors with our same high standards is the next stage.

With their support we can continue to develop our off-field activity to a level as close to fully professional as possible.

The Cramlington Sporting Club was opened in 2002 with the best facilities available for clubs to use as a base for development with several top class pitches, floodlit astroturf areas, indoor courts, gym, fitness centre, function room and more.

We want the players to be rounded people too, with academic intelligence playing an important role alongside sporting intelligence. The centre also offers classrooms, which we intend to use for weekly teaching sessions. Most of all we want them to be good role models for Rugby League.

"Intelligent Players, Intelligent People"