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Cray Wanderers appear on Thailand TV

Cray Wanderers appear on Thailand TV

Mark Hunt28 Jan 2015 - 22:48
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Cray Wanderers on Unseen Football in Thailand

Cray Wanderers appear on Thailand TV

By Richard DJJ Bowdery

Last week six million people in the Far-East had the opportunity to learn about Cray Wanderers. The world’s second oldest football club featured in Unseen Football, a sports documentary produced by Thai TV3, one of Thailand’s main broadcasters.

Viewers heard about the club’s history and learned about its latest plans for a new stadium.

The production team filmed their footage for the programme at Hayes Lane, last August. Among those interviewed were Kerry Phillips, match-day secretary Mark Simpson and club chairman Gary Hillman.

The programme can be viewed by following this link

But as there are no subtitles you might need a translator!

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