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Jenko’s view from the dugout

Jenko’s view from the dugout

Cray Wanderers7 Sep 2013 - 06:00
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Welcome to today’s game on what is Non-League Day.

Confidence is key

Welcome to today’s game on what is Non-League Day.

Our previous games have been disappointing both in terms of results and performances. Nothing seems to be going our way on the pitch. We are conceding too many goals and finding it hard to score when we get on top.

Maintaining confidence when you go through a poor spell is a key factor. I’m always encouraging the lads to play the Cray way but obviously with such a young squad some find it hard to relax when on the ball. Although James has started scoring he needs more game time to be up to speed.

Losing key players to injury – Wills, Azza and James – hasn't helped our cause. Azza has been sorely missed but hopes to start today. Wills looks like being out for some time. Sadly he may even have to give the game up because the serious injuries he has sustained playing for the club has affected his work commitments.

I know our run of poor results has hurt all of you who come along week in, week out to support us. I can assure you it hurts us just as much. But believe me when I say that myself and the coaching staff are working very hard to try and put it right on the pitch. And I believe we will!

So please continue to support the team through this dodgy patch.

Finally today’s game is being played in support of Breast Cancer Campaign. Please give generously for a very worth while cause. The funds we raise today will help their research to find a cure for this disease.

All the George


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