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1. 250 Club Details

As part of our Centenary Season, we are relaunching our 250 club to raise more funds to develop our club.

This is an excellent opportunity for your to contribute to raising funds while having the chance to win some cash.

The 250 club works on the basis that 50% of the revenue goes to the club, and 50% is paid out in prizes. The more people that sign up, the bigger the prizes. If you would like to participate in the 250 club, it's really simply - just follow the instructions below.

We look forward to including your name in our monthly draw and thankyou for your support.

Pay by standing order of £4.34 per month (only £1 per week), or annual payment of £50.
Standing Order Forms can be downloaded from the website, or pay direct to:

C & N RUFC 250 Club
RBS Sort Code: 16-26-14
Account Number: 11246645