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1. Anti Bullying Policy

Bullying is a common problem that effects many people from children to adults at sometime in their lives. It is an extremely upsetting experience for everyone involved. As with any problem it can be solved only if brought into the open & talked about. Otherwise the scars can continue for years. If you are being bullied you should not keep it to yourself. Let a coach, teacher or parent know what is going on. The web site was created by a schoolboy who was bullied himself & now offers help & support to kids & parents including guidance on ways of dealing with bullying. There is also an e-mail helplink that will answer any questions that you may have.

The Club has a strict anti-bullying code & will not tolerate any form of physical or verbal bullying or neglect from either a player or an adult.

If any parent has a complaint of bullying then this should be reported to your Team Manager in the first instance. The Team Manager will then be obliged to speak to all parties concerned to ascertain the facts. All complaints of bullying must be reported immediately by the Team Managers to the Management Committee. All cases of bullying will be reviewed by the Management Committee & parents of both parties may be invited to attend.

If a case of bullying is considered on balance by a majority of the the executive committee proven, then the player will have their registration withdrawn & will be ejected from the Club.

If any parent has a complaint against a Team Manager or coach of bullying, then this must be reported in writing to the Club Secretary or to the Child Welfare Officer. An investigation will be held by the Club. If a case of bullying is on balance considered proven by a majority of the executive committee, then the Team Manager or coach will be ejected from the Club.