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1. How to start a CRC check

All volunteers within Crosfields JFC must hold a valid CRC. A CRC lasts for 3 years and it is the volunteers responsibility to ensure that a valid CRC is in place.

How do I start the CRC process ?

Go to:
Sign In - Online Criminal Records Check | Online Disclosures

and select register and enter the information requested, including :

  • Org Pin 105772
  • Secret word : grass (lower case)
  • Org Name : Crosfields JFC

Once registered you will be directed to complete the application. You can save your application at any time. To log back into your application, sign in using the above organisation PIN, your email address and password that you created as part of the registration process.

You will need to select 3 forms of Identification. There is a list on the website of what forms of ID are acceptable. Please ensure that you provide your FAN number in the Personal Reference Number field (if known).

Once you have completed the online process you will be required to provide proof of your identity using the 3 documents that you used in support of your application.

How do I contact the CWO ?

You can send photos of your 3 forms of ID to the Child Welfare Officer via email or Whats App to Helen Atkinson 07736278433.
What happens next ?

The CWO will verify your documents online and will confirm with you once the documents have been validated. You will then receive an email from GBG confirming that your documents have been validated and you will be asked to make payment for your CRC. You should make payment and then claim the fee back from Crosfields using the usual expenses route. Ask your Head of Age if you are unsure of how to do this.

How will I know when my CRC is complete ?

You can check on the status of your CRC at anytime by logging into the website. You will receive an email notification to tell you your CRC is complete and you will also receive the certificate in the post, you should retain this.