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1. How to start a DBS (CRC) check

All volunteers within Crosfields JFC must hold a valid DBS check. A DBS check lasts for 3 years and it is the volunteers responsibility to ensure that a valid DBS check is in place.

DBS(CRC) Process Sept 2021

1. Try to login at:

using your email address
If required use the forgotten password option first, as the FA/Club may have created an account for you as part of registering you or your child as a player,

As a last resort If this fails to work, use the “Sign up” option

Once logged in make a note of and save your FA Number (FAN), as you will need this later.

2. You should then send the following details to your Clubs CWO :

• Full Name
• Date of Birth
• Address
• Email Address
• Contact Tel Number
• FAN number
• Team who you will be assisting

Child Welfare Officers
Kerrie Murray 07841 238173
Andy Thomas 07764 664404

Once they receive the above information from you, they will begin the DBS process on your behalf.

3. Once the CWO has completed their side of the process you should log onto Whole Game System

using your email address. And you should see an option entitled “My DBS”

4. You should then select the Club that you are applying for your DBS check with. In most cases, as the person will be a new applicant, it will only show one Club. If, however the individual will be volunteering at more than one Club, the option may arise to select one of two/three.

5. At this stage of the process once selected, an automated email will be sent to you (DBS Applicant) via their email address.

• DBS applicant logs into GB Group (within automated email)
• DBS applicant provides details as required in GBG
• DBS applicant submits the DBS check for verification

5. The CWO will then be notified that your application is ready for verification and you should send photos of your 3 ID documents to the CWO that you have contacted at the start of the process.

6. The CWO will verify your documents and make payment for the DBS check, you will be notified via email of all stages of the DBS process.

How will I know when my DBS check is complete ?

You can check on the status of your DBS at anytime by logging into the website. You will receive an email notification to tell you your DBS is complete and you will also receive the certificate in the post, you should retain this.