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2. New Starters & Registering Players

Before the player starts or on day one, gather the required information:

  • Players Full name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address (incl. Postcode)
  • If there are any siblings in the club
  • Any medical conditions
  • Parents (or over 18's players ) mobile number
  • Parents (or over 18's players) email address

There is a club form to assist with this - or you can do so using email, WhatsApp with the parent or adult player.

Then have the parent register the child using this link:

Note: Adult players only - should register using this link:

If the child/parent wishes then commence the optional three week trial period.

(If they don't stay with the club let us know so we can remove them from the register.)

After the trial period or, if they are keen and want to join immediately:

  • Take a head and shoulders passport-style photo of the player
  • Ensure the parents have completed the Direct Debit set up for subs (see here)
  • The annual registration fee £20 (£10 if the player already has a sibling in the club) should be paid using the Direct debit links on the registration form.

Send the photo for league registration (securely over WhatsApp is preferred) to:

Helen Atkinson or Gary Johns
Andy Thomas (Girls Football & Women & Youth League)

Club WGS Data