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6. Sankey & Orford - Training Guidance (Sept. 2021)

Crosfields JFC Training Guidance for Coaches (Sankey & Orford)
Updated September 2021

• Coaches to maintain their own records of players attending sessions.
• Face coverings are no longer required by law, but they are recommended in crowded indoor settings and maybe mandated by some clubs or facility providers.
• Changing rooms can be used, however participants should use their own judgement and minimise use where possible to avoid close contact in a crowded area for a prolonger time.
• Regular hand sanitising is advised and cleaning of football equipment is advisable
• All positive cases to be reported via Test & Trace by the individual concerned.
• If the entrances to the training facilities are not open, please notify the hub by phone or in person and they will come and open them.
• If you are the first Crosfields session at Sankey/Orford and you don't see that the teams are finishing by 25 past the hour - you will need to send someone to the hub for assistance in making sure they vacate.
• Please ensure that you finish your session at 25 past and vacate the pitch as soon as possible so that the next session can start at half past.
• Coaches upon entering the training pitch please keep an eye out for any trip hazards along the side of the pitches that parents are using as a pathway (goal posts).
• Dogs are not permitted to enter the pitches.
• If floodlights are not turned on please contact the Hub for assistance.
• If you feel that you need any assistance in fulfilling any of the points or have any issues that you feel need discussing, please email