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Dear Coaches,

Please see the various resources below to help you ...

AED Training

Coaches can find a HSE approved online AED course here:

This training and certification includes the following objectives and is consistent with national consensus 2010,ERC/ILCOR/UK Resuscitation Council and HSE guidelines

It covers:

- Initial Assessment
- BLS Skills & CPR
- AED Setup
- Adult AED
- Child AED
- AED Maintenance
- AED Pads & Batteries
- Types of AED
- AED Locations
- Oxygen use introduction

The course uses our type AED unit the Zoll plus for its demos.
The course cost is £24 which can be reclaimed via Club expenses

There's also an introduction video from the manufacturer on using our AED model in an emergency on youtube:

Licensed Coach

Why not become a licensed coach - please see: The Club will pay for you application

Session Animation Tool

The FA Provide free session animation tool at:

(One bit of help...if you create anything add .442 to the name of the file eg dribbling_session.442)


If anyone has not come across these pages on the bbc web site they are quite interesting:


free kicks...

Coaching Videos

Most of the sample videos on our site

come from - but a subscription is needed to access all the content on this site - it very good though as you can see from the samples on our site.