Codes of Conduct 1 of 5

1. Players' Code of Conduct

1. To up-hold the name of Crosfields J.F.C. at all times.
2. To listen to the Team Manager & coaches, when coaching is being given.
3. To respect their fellow team mates.
4. To show respect to their Team Managers & coaches.
5. To respect all opponents irrespective of the result of a game.
6. To demonstrate Fair Play & Sportsmanship.
7. To accept & respect Refereeing decisions & all other match officials.
8. To demonstrate appropriate behaviour at all times i.e. at matches, training & when on official Club business.
9. To accept success & failure & victory & defeat equally.
10. To try their best in training sessions & in matches.
11. Above all to enjoy their football & be proud of their Club!