Terms and Conditions

Crosfields JFC: General Information, Terms and Conditions

General Conditions
As a parent and spectator you must agree to abide by the Club and League rules concerning spectators and to uphold the reputation of Crosfields J.F.C. All members of the Club must adhere to the relevant codes of conduct that are published on the Club’s website http://crosfieldsjfc.com and also be compliant with the terms and conditions outlined in this document.

A parent/guardian for each player must attend a Soccer Parent workshop run by the Club when requested. You and your child’s registration may be suspended if you fail at any time to conform to any of the Club rules or codes of conduct.

The Club publishes the following codes of conduct on its web site which must be followed by all Club members as appropriate:

  • The FA’s RESPECT code of conduct
  • Players Code of conduct
  • Parents Code of conduct
  • Team Manager’s and Coaches code of conduct
  • The Club’s Code of conduct
  • The Club’s Zero Tolerance code of conduct

A player’s membership with our Club may be affected by the actions of their parents: players may be suspended or membership may be withdrawn in serious cases. Any FA Booking fees incurred by a player are to be reimbursed to our Club by their parent/guardian.

If a player wishes to leave the Club at any time, their parent/guardian needs to complete Club De-registration forms. All kit and equipment must be returned and all training fees are paid to date. League registered players may leave and join another junior football club only if they complete the league transfer process and complete the Club De-registration process. In accordance with Club and League Rules a player may not register for another Junior Football Club until they have discharged all their financial liabilities with their previous Club.

Registration with the Club and payment of monthly fees entitles the player to train with the Club and become a member of Crosfields JFC – this does not automatically entitle the player to be invited to play in a League match squad. However, all members of the Club are all entitled to the same benefits whether or not they are invited to play in a League squad.

U7’s - U11’s league squads operate under the Club’s policy of ‘Football for All’ and players will be invited to register for league match squads, on the provision that they have demonstrated their commitment to turn up for weekly training and weekend matches. Every effort will be made to ensure all registered players are allocated league places regardless of ability.

U12’s - U18’s and open age teams may be invited to register for league match squads, based on their ability to play football and on the provision that they have demonstrated their commitment to turn up for weekly training and weekend matches.
Parents should note that where the number of players exceeds the league imposed limits for a single team, further volunteers may need to come forward to help form and run additional teams.
Any player, who doesn’t attend three consecutive training sessions, without informing the Team Manager of the reason why, will be construed to have left the Club and may be de-registered. All league players must complete the Club Commitment page of the Registration form and the appropriate League Registration form.

League Players
Registering your child to play League football for a football club is a big commitment to be undertaken not only by the player, but by the parents / guardians as well. League players are required to turn up to the weekly training sessions and must make themselves available for weekend and occasionally mid-week matches.
Parents registering their child for a League squad place with a football club must undertake a commitment to ensure that their child is transported to and from training & match venues. Players remain the responsibility of parents/guardians on match days and so a commitment needs to be undertaken to supervise your child on match days.

Football is a team sport and commitment from both parents and players must be given fully in order an age group to be successful.

We provide Club only places for players who don’t wish to commit to League football – these players are treated in exactly the same way as League players and are entitled to the same Club benefits e.g. Christmas parties, End of Season Presentation events etc and Club players pay the same registration and training fees as League players.

Under 5s and 6s players are only allowed to participate in fun training sessions as it is against FA Law for these players to participate in any kind of organised match against any other Club team. When they reach Under 7s they will be invited to join a squad to play in a development league.

Annual and Monthly Fees:

The annual Club registration fee for the season is £20 per player and £10 for any sibling of a child already registered with the Club.
In addition to the annual registration fee players will be charged a monthly training fee. Training fees for the season are £17.50 per player per month. Training fees should be paid monthly; by Direct Debit (The link for doing this will be provided by your team Manager).
Parents are responsible for setting up a Direct Debit and ensuring it continues to work whilst their child/children are members of the Club.
The other alternative payment method is to pay the full years training fees up front (£210) – should you child leave the Club during the year the outstanding training fees will be refunded via Club cheque.

Training fees are payable whether or not a player attends a training session in order to meet ongoing Club overheads.

The first three weeks’ training sessions for new players are free of charge, to allow the children time to settle in and make sure that they are enjoying football training at the Club.

If monthly training fees are not paid the Club will issue a warning letter stating that the player(s) will be suspended unless payment of fees resumes immediately and any arrears are paid in full. Failure to subsequently pay any fees owed will result in a player being suspended from all Club activities.

A member whose annual membership fee or further monthly subscription is more than three (3) months in
arrears shall be deemed to have resigned.

Club Kit
Players from Under 5s through to Under 18s are issued with Club kit, issued free of charge and are loaned to the players whilst they are members of the Club. League registered players from Under 7s through to Under 18s are also issued with a Club football strip.
All items are free of charge, but the Club will charge parents if any items are lost or damaged. All items of Club kit must be returned immediately if a players wishes to leave the Club. We would strongly advise you to sew your child’s name into the items loaned to them.

Please read the following conditions of use concerning kit loaned to players:

  • The Club drill tops, wet tops and football strips will remain the property of the Club.
  • Clubs drill tops, wet tops and football strips are on loan to my child.
  • The Club football strips must not be worn during training sessions as they may become damaged. Football strips must be
  • worn to all official Club matches.
  • The Club drill tops, wet tops and football strips are to be used for official Club business only, i.e. is not to be used for personal
  • use, such as playing out or wearing to school.
  • The parent/guardian undertakes full responsibility for the laundering of the Club drill tops, wet tops and football strips loaned
  • to my child.
  • The Club drill tops, wet tops and football strips must be carefully looked after. If any of the items becomes damaged due to
  • misappropriate use then you may be billed for the cost of a replacement.
  • Similarly if the Club drill tops, wet tops and football strips are lost you may also be billed for a replacement.
  • The Club reserves the right to recall the Club drill tops, wet tops and football strips at any time

If my child fails to turn up for training on three consecutive occasions without informing the Team Manager, it will be construed that the player has left the Club and the Club drill tops, wet tops and football strips must be returned. You will be billed for a replacement if any of the items are not returned.
If my child decides that they wish to leave the Club then the Club drill tops, wet tops and football strips must be returned immediately, otherwise I may be billed for a replacement.
The Club will not de-register any player to will enable them to join another Junior Football Club, until all items of Club kit are returned.

Please note that League squad players must wear full and correct Club match kit for all matches representing Crosfields JFC. Players wearing any item of incorrect match kit may be excluded from the match.

Player’s Boots
The Club recommends that players wear traditional studded football boots at grass training and for matches, when the ground is heavy underfoot.
Players must wear trainers to all grass football sessions and matches and may only change into football boots once on the grass.
Players should under no circumstances walk in football boots on hard surfaces i.e. car park.

It is every parent/guardian’s responsibility to check their child’s boots prior to a match to ensure that the football boots are safe and that studs have not become sharp. Team Manager and coaches will periodically check player’s boots to ensure that they are safe.
Players who are wearing boots where the studs or blades have become sharp will not be permitted to take part in the training session or match.
The Club does not recommend plastic moulded boots to be worn when pitches are heavy as these do not grip the grass surface, they tend to collect mud causing the players to ‘skate’ on the pitch which may lead to an injury if they slip.
When the ground is hard the Club recommends that moulded boots or very sturdy trainers are worn on grass surfaces as wearing studded boots may jar the players feet causing injury and studded boots cannot grip the hard ground which can lead to players slipping and resulting in twisting injuries.

Training Sessions
During winter months (approx. 1st October – 31st March) Crosfields J.F.C. provides winter training facilities for all players. .
Summer grass training sessions are held on the grass.

All players are required to wear shin pads to all training sessions, players should wear a sturdy pair of trainers or studded football boots.
When training outdoors players should dress according to the weather conditions i.e. shorts and t-shirt or
tracksuit and sweatshirt – it is advisable to bring a shower proof coat, such as the Club wet-top. Players should bring along a non-fizzy drink to all training sessions in a plastic bottle.

All players from Under 5s through to Under 11s must have a parent, or guardian or adult family member present at all training sessions for health and safety reasons.
We accept that on occasion parents may leave their child under the direct responsibility of another parent at a training session, only if the parent concerned agrees to accept all responsibility for another child.
Players from Under 12s to Under 18s may travel unaccompanied to and from training sessions on completion of the Consent form.

Under 12s to Under 18s players therefore no longer need a parent / guardian to be present at all training session. However, a parent / guardian must be contactable at all times by telephone for the duration of every training session, should an incident / accident occur. This is for the health safety and well being of the players.

Please note that the Club cannot take liability for any player from Under 5s through to Under 18s before a training session officially starts or after a training session has officially finished. Please don’t arrive more than 5 minutes before the start of a training session and please ensure that the coaches have arrived before leaving any older players (Under 12s to under 18s) at a training session. Coaches may on occasions get delayed in traffic travelling to the training session from their work place.

Child Protection Policy - Governing Photography and Video Recording

The Club has strict policies on the photographing and videoing of children in the Club.
The Club will from time to time take photographs of teams either for publicity purposes or for inclusion into the Club
website, newsletter, or other such publications. These photographs may also be used by regional or national sponsors,
and organisations such as the Football Association, which may involve a national advertising campaign or widely
distributed publicity material. Players’ names will not be included against photographs so children may not be readily
identifiable from any photograph taken. Parents should note that images of their children may still be used by the Club for
the above purposes even after your child has left the Club.

Photographs taken by the Club will be taken of age groups in general and not specifically of an individual child, unless the parents has requested this for a reason i.e. a special achievement. Any photographs taken of individual children must only be taken with the parent’s specific consent.
Video recordings may be taken from time to time by the Club. All video footage should be of a team in general and should not focus on individual children. Close up recording is not permitted.
The Team Manager or Coach should state his intentions to the parents of the children before commencing with taking any photographs or video recordings. Parents have the right to refuse to allow their child to be videoed or photographed. If a video or photograph is to be taken during a match then consent from both sides must be sought first.

All photographic material will be destroyed by the Club after use. Any video tapes will be stored securely and will be wiped after use. If a parent wishes to take any photographs or make any video recordings then they must gain permission from the Team Manager or coach in charge before they can commence. This includes using mobile phones with camera or video recording facilities.

The Team Manager or coach should then inform all other parents of their intentions before this can commence. Parents have the right to refuse to allow their child to be videoed or photographed by another parent. Any parent who does not wish for their child to be photographed for any of the above must state this in writing to the Team Manager.

Crosfields J.F.C. is a members’ Club run by members for the benefit of the players. Everyone involved in the Club from coaching to admin roles are volunteers. Our Club is always looking for people to help in a variety of ways. If you would like to get involved in any way, then your help will be most appreciated – just let you Team Manager know how you would like to get involved. Those wishing to get involved with the running of age groups i.e. coaching or administration will be required to complete a Club Volunteers form first. All Volunteers are subject to a CRC check which will be paid for by the Club. New Volunteers are not allowed to work with children until they start the CRC check process which can be confirmed by contacting the Clubs Child Welfare Officer, volunteers must complete this check process within a reasonable time as determined by the Child Welfare Officer or they will be suspended.

All age groups are run and coached by parents or grandparents of children within the age group. Any parent who would like to get involved with coaching is very welcome to do so. There are different levels for Volunteers so you can choose a role that is suitable for you and fits in with your work and family commitments. For example coaching roles range from Team Managers, to coaches and parent helpers, the Club supports all Team Managers and coaches and encourages them to take their FA Level 1 coaching qualification. The FA Level 1 coaching course covers practical football coaching techniques, emergency aid and child protection. The Club runs courses throughout the season and all course fees are paid for by the Club. We ask that coaches take this qualification to ensure that all our players receive quality football coaching. Coaches can progress through their coaching levels taking The FA Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications if they choose to do so. This is encouraged by the Club and again is financed by us. All parent helper coaches are required to hold the FA Child Protection certificate.

All parents are invited to attend the monthly Management Committee meetings and to have their input into the decisions about running the Club. The dates of these monthly meetings are posted on our website. The Club may on occasion send unsolicited emails to Club members to inform members of upcoming event or ask for help

An important way in which all parents can help is to reply promptly to invitations and letters that are issued by the Club. All invites have strict cut off dates for replies, so that events can be organised to run smoothly on the day. No-one wants to see a child disappointed because a reply slip wasn’t handed in on time.

The FA Charter Standards
Crosfields Junior Football Club is an FA Charter Standard Community Club. We were the first club in Warrington and joint first within the jurisdiction of the Liverpool FA to receive the FA Charter Standard Development Club award in August 2001. Crosfields J.F.C. have fully adopted all Child Protection policies as stipulated by the Football Association. Crosfields Junior Football Club operates a ‘Football for All’ policy at mini soccer and welcomes players of all abilities. All Team Managers and coaches within the Club are required to complete their FA Level 1 qualification. Some Team Managers have progressed on and attained their FA Level 2 coaching certificate. The Club has also had some coaches attain the new FA Youth coaching Module 1, 2 & 3 awards.

Crosfields JFC is affiliated to the Liverpool County FA and is fully insured for public liability. We were extremely proud to be voted by the FA as the National, Regional and County FA Charter Standard Development Club of the Year 2004. We were also voted Regional and County FA Charter Standard Development Club of the Year 2005 for the second year running. We were delighted to be awarded Regional and County FA Charter Standard Development Club of the Year 2006 for the third year running.

In more recent times we were re-awarded FA Charter Standard Development Club status during 2010, and then achieved the highest status of FA Charter Standard Community Club in January 2011. In 2013 The Club received the ultimate accolade of the FA’s National Charter Standard Community Club of the Year. Put another way the FA judged Crosfields JFC to be the best Junior Football Club in the Country !

We are currently based at St Gregory’s Catholic High School and Great Sankey Leisure Centre. We have grass match pitches at both venues and book the all-weather pitches at Great Sankey Leisure Centre for winter training.

In addition to football, the Club may provide Christmas parties for the players, depending on the level of volunteers helping in a particular age group or squad. Players and their families may also be invited to the annual ‘End of Season Presentation’ party when each player will receive a participation trophy and everyone enjoys celebrating the development of the children during the season.
There are various social activities planned throughout the season. All the above events are generally included in the cost of the training fees so there are not usually any additional costs. There are occasions where teams may organise special parties/events for the players that require additional funding activities such as sponsored activities or additional parental contributions, your Team Manager will inform you of any such special arrangements for your child.

Club Constitution, Policies and Procedures
Club members can find the Club’s constitution online at our web site.
The Club has specific policies and procedures which are published online on our web site which cover these specific areas:

  • Anti-Bullying Policy
  • Anti-Discrimination Policy
  • Parental Grievance Procedure
  • Club Grievance Procedure
  • Disciplinary Procedure
  • Club Ethos and Rules concerning Junior Football (Under 11’s and younger)

As an FA Charter Standard Community Club Crosfields J.F.C strictly adheres to the rules and guidelines stipulated by the Football Association and the Leagues governing children’s soccer. All members of the Club are required to adhere to the regulations and codes of conduct which can be found on our website.

Our Club is always looking at ways in which to improve and seeks feedback from parents and players on how they think the Club is being run. We invite feedback from everyone which can be submitted via e-mail to committee@crosfieldsjfc.com, should you wish to comment on any aspect of the Club either good or bad.

We hope that your child will enjoy their time with Crosfields J.F.C. and that you will enjoy spectating at the matches and taking part in some of the social events that are organised.