Welcome to our new club welfare officer Claire Weller.

Claire is the person to contact if you have any concerns about any issues with bullying and staying safe at the club.
She will be assisted in this role by Suzanne Dixon

At Crowborough Athletic we firmly believe that kids (and parents and spectators) should be having fun when playing football. We realise that it is a competitive game and we all like winning, but we should recognise that if we don’t enjoy it then it is time to consider why we are doing this.
If you or your child aren’t enjoying the game any more or you have concerns about anyone at the club then this is the time to contact your Club Welfare Officer and discuss any concerns you have in confidence.

We all want the children to have the best time enjoying the beautiful game

You can also contact the NSPCC or for more serious concerns contact CEOP. We don’t want you to worry, we just want the children to be safe

Make sure your kids are safe online


Anti-Bullying Policy