Get Fit Season - 6 weeks to go!

Get Fit Season - 6 weeks to go!

By Holly Brunt
11th August
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A guide to pre-season fitness!

6 Weeks to Get Ready for the 2019/20 season!

Ahhh!! It’s that time of year! Now officially 6 weeks until the start of the season!

A question we get asked quite a bit from those new to the sport is ....

What should I be doing at home?

Have a read below to get an idea.

One of the most important types of fitness for hockey is running.

Ideally getting out 2-3 times a week in addition to training will do wonders for your ability on the pitch.

We make mistakes when we are tired, so no matter what level you are playing at the ability to play and not get tired can only help your play and ultimately your team!

Love or loathe running you don’t need to do loads to see massive improvements in your cardio ability! A couple of longer runs (20-30mins) and a set of intervals a week will see results on the pitch. If you’re new to running try the free NHS couch to 5k app which starts you walk/ jogging and works wonders!

In order to prevent injury and improve speed and strength a couple of weights sessions a week can help! Compound movements such as squats, lunges, push ups work the whole body and you can do variants to make them more difficult! The great news is these can all be done without a gym membership and straight after your run! If you really want to push it grab a couple of dumbbells or join that gym and go to a few weights classes!

The other thing to reduce the likelihood of injury is STRETCHING! It’s important girls! Even if you’re not a limber queen try doing a bit in front of the telly or before bed (try the daily yoga app) or drop into a yoga or Pilates class a couple of times a week.

A lot to take in and where’s the time!?

I’ll share my pre-season regime below:

Monday: Greys fitness training 7-8
Tuesday: 25min run & weights after 7-8. ?➡️?
Weds: Hockey Training! ? 7-9
Thurs: Stretching before bed
Fri: Run 6am
Sat: Interval running, Gym/ stretch & swim
Sun: Dog walk

Why not set some objectives to aim for for the start of the season .... which is by the way, I case we didn’t mention... is only 6 weeks away!!

Mine are:
Sub 30 5k
Touch toes
25 press ups in 30secs

Also try joining the Strava Didsbury Greys Hockey Club and share your sweaty selfies with the rest of the girls!

Good luck getting ready girls! ✌️?? #purplearmy

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