DCC Ride Groups

Dorking CC has five riding groups. These are graduated to enable members to choose an appropriate group to join for a ride. To join and get the most out of club ride, you should be able to ride for at least two hours within the average speeds listed below for the various groups:"
D1 - This group is suitable for people who want to ride upto a maximum average speed across the ride of 12 mph.
D2 - average speed 12 mph to 14 mph
D3 - 14 mph to 16 mph
D4 - 16 mph to 18 mp.
D5 - over 18 mph

All riders MUST read the risk assessment document, Highway Code and understand the everything on the Safety Points page before riding with us.

Can you also print out and complete the Group Allocation form.

If you have any questions in connection with group rides, please speak to the welcomer at the sports centre before you sign up for a group.