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1. Road Racing

A number of DCC riders currently compete in road races and the Club is keen to support any DCC members who wish to race. Here is a brief guide to road racing and what support DCC offers…….
Road racing - an intro. .…….
To race you need:
· British Cycling membership, including a race licence
· To attend two approved training sessions if entering Surrey Cycle Racing League (‘SCRL’) or South East Road Racing League (‘SERRL’) as a 4th Cat rider
British Cycling membership
There are various levels of membership (Bronze £25pa; Silver £45; Gold £77). All levels come with a provisional race licence, which will allow you to race in most events. To gain British Cycling points, you need a full racing licence, which is available for an additional £39 to members. If you are joining BC for the first time, as a member of DCC you get a £25 discount on the above costs (so bronze membership is free). Just enter code NEWCMRA when applying on-line.
Race categories
Riders are categorised based on their racing ability. For that reason, all new racers start in Category 4 and accumulate points for finishing in a good position. Once these points reach the required level they will go up a category, eventually reach the Elite category. For a Category 4 rider to become a Category 3 rider they must have a total of 12 points. Once you become a Category 3 rider you remain in that position, however if you progress all the way to Category 2 then you will need enough points the following season to remain in Category 2. The higher the category, the more races are available to you.
Race training
Surrey Cycle Racing League and South East Road Racing League jointly run a number of Race Training day, and have a number of days in March and April. Details, including how to enter are on the SCRL web-site.…
Where you can race (a selection)…….
Surrey Cycle Racing League
Run various series of races, including at Dunsfold (almost a closed road) and local handicap races where 4th category riders can ride
South East Road Racing League
Run a number of road races, including races for 3rd/4th category riders.
Goodwood Series
A series of 10 events running every Tuesday evening starting at 7pm from 30th April 2019 at Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit. Includes a 3rd/4th Category race.
Hillingdon Circuit
Includes a Winter series from Nov to Feb
Cyclopark Summer Series
A series of races starting at 7:30 on Thursdays, including a 3rd/4th Cat race. Entry via the British Cycling web-site
DCC road racing support…….
To support those looking to race, DCC will pay the following costs for members who race with DCC as their first claim club:
· SCRL/SERRL Race Training (club will pay for both days)
· Affiliation fees to either SCRL or SERRL
· Entry fees for your first race this year
What next……
· If you are interested in Road Racing, or would just like to find out more, feel free to contact Justin Thomas, Road Racing secretary on
· Join British Cycling and/or sign-up for Race Training if you need to