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Road racing
A number of DCC riders currently compete in road races and the Club is keen to support any DCC members who wish to race. Here is a brief guide to road racing and what support DCC offers…….
Road racing - an intro. .…….
To race you need:
· British Cycling membership, including a race licence
· To attend two approved training sessions if entering Surrey Cycle Racing League (‘SCRL’) or South East Road Racing League (‘SERRL’) as a 4th Cat rider
British Cycling membership
There are various levels of membership (Bronze £25pa; Silver £45; Gold £77). All levels come with a provisional race licence, which will allow you to race in most events. To gain British Cycling points, you need a full racing licence, which is available for an additional £39 to members. If you are joining BC for the first time, as a member of DCC you get a £25 discount on the above costs (so bronze membership is free). Just enter code NEWCMRA when applying on-line. https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/membership/race

Race training
Surrey Cycle Racing League and Kent Racing League jointly run a number of Race Training day, Details, including how to enter are on the SCRL web-site.… https://www.surreyleague.co.uk/race-preparation-training/

Where you can race (a selection)…….
Surrey Cycle and Kent Cycle Racing League
Run various series of races
Goodwood Series
A series of events running every Tuesday evening starting at 7pm at Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit. Includes a 3rd/4th Category race.
Hillingdon Circuit
Includes a Winter series from Nov to Feb
Cyclopark Summer Series
A series of races starting at 7:30 on Thursdays, including a 3rd/4th Cat race. Entry via the British Cycling web-site
DCC road racing support…….
To support those looking to race, DCC will pay the following costs for members who race with DCC as their first claim club:
· Surrey Cycle Racing League Race Training (club will pay for both days)
· Affiliation fees to either SCRL
· Entry fees for your first race this year

If you are interested in Road Racing, contact Michael Faulkner, Road Racing secretary on mkfaulkner95@hotmail.com

Cyclo Cross racing
A few members race Cyclo-cross in the London Cyclo-cross Association league. If you are interested in this, contact Neil James on dccgensec@aol.com