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Tannoy Takeover for the Transpontine Derby

Tannoy Takeover for the Transpontine Derby

By Mishi Morath
30 December 2012
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There's a new 'voice of Champion Hill' over the tannoy for the Tooting game on New Years Day! Read on to find out more...

You might be like saw the headline, & dived into your bookshelf to dust down your dictionary to find out exactly what 'transpontine' means!
After you have done so let me explain what's going on. Our Club voluntary commercial team offered Hamlet fans the chance to have their own playlist over the Champion Hill soundsystem, ten tunes for a tenner. Two Dulwich fans came forward & wanted to go one better, generously offering to donate FIFTY POUNDS to control the microphone for the entire day for our much anticipated New Years Day derby with arch rivals Tooting & Mitcham United. We have decided to, erm, place our trust in them, and as part of the deal we decided to throw in the opportunity for them to write their own article for Hamlet Pitchero...

Here it is:

This season’s 'Tunes for a Tenner' initiative has been a resounding success but for two Champion Hill regulars, that wasn’t enough.

Season-ticket holders and South London football bloggers, James Masini and Darren McCreery, wanted total control of announcer’s box for a match and that’s exactly what they’ll get on New Year’s Day when the Pink and Blues host struggling rivals Tooting and Mitcham for the first encounter of these two old foes in nearly five years.

Paying the rather reasonable fee of £50, the lads will be given access to Liam Hickey’s microphone and the Hamlet wheels of steel as they get the home support whipped into a pre-match frenzy.

Speaking exclusively to the official website the duo commented: “It’s going to be a great honour to stand up there and have a go and we’re delighted that the club took us up on our offer. However, as a wise man once said; with great power comes great responsibility. So we’ll be trying to make sure we do the job properly. We see the Tannoy Takeover as a great opportunity to give a little bit back to the Hamlet family through a combination of 90s indie rarities and some harmless japes at the expense of those oiks by the Wandle.
Of course, the day will be tinged of sadness as we’ll not be able to take up our usual place amongst the rabble but as Gavin and the lads have to put up with our half-cut, foul-mouthed and well-intentioned encouragement from the touchline most weeks, it’ll be nice for them to have a bit of rest from our onslaught, especially if Phil Wilson been on the homemade elderflower wine on New Year’s Eve."

It’s certainly building up to be a cracking day at Champion Hill so cancel those family plans, take a couple of Alka-Seltzer and come along to support the Hamlet (and our new announcers) on New Year’s Day.

If you want to find out more about the Tannoy Takeover or even fancy having a go yourself, get in touch with us at

If you love football, South London and a casual reference to Alan Partridge and Ace of Base, you should visit our New Year’s Day announcers’ brilliant website.

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