Vanarama Team-Mates - Preston Edwards has been busy dishing Dulwich’s dressing room dirt!

Vanarama Team-Mates - Preston Edwards has been busy dishing Dulwich’s dressing room dirt!

By Vanarama News
5th September
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We go behind-the-scenes at Champion Hill to find out more about the Hamlet squad

League sponsors Vanarama have been busy opening the changing room doors... so what lies behind?

You’re taking a road trip but need some team-mates to come along. Who jumps in the car?
My current car school is fire. Christian Smith and Charlie Grainger. Non stop banter and a few good stories told.

But who is the one you wouldn’t let near in the car?
I wouldn’t let Ryan Case near my motor. To be in the same room as him for longer than ten minutes would drive me insane.

Which player would you not let touch your car stereo?
I’ve only heard Nyren Clunis play music in the changing room. Again, Ryan Case. Just by his personality, I can imagine his taste is not great!

Which Dulwich player is most likely to become a manager when their playing days are over?
I would have to say Christian Smith. Lives and breathes football and has a good knowledge of the game.

But which one is the least likely to do the job?
Connor Hunte. Doesn’t have a clue about football!

Who’s the dressing room joker?
Dave Ijaha. Great guy with a big personality.

But who is grump what it comes to team banter?
Ade Yussuff. Bites at everything and shouts really loud when he disagrees with something. Which is most of the time

Which member of the team spends the longest in front of the mirror after games?
Ben Chapman. If he was made out of chocolate he would eat himself.

So which player is the Teacher’s pet?
Danny Mills. Doesn’t even sit at the players’ table at lunch.

Who is the most dedicated trainer in the squad?
Lewis White. Young player who just came from Millwall. Bags of potential!

But who is the first off the training ground?
Dave Ijaha. A very stiff man.

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