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‘Positive Coaching Scotland’ & ‘The Bill McLaren Foundation’ accreditation

Dunfermline Rugby is a Positive Coaching Scotland Accredited club supported by the Bill McLaren Foundation, Winning Scotland Foundation, Sportscotland and Scottish Rugby.

The club’s mission statement for the season 2012/13 is

Dunfermline Rugby is a friendly, well organised club providing a safe and effective environment which encourages and develops all players and coaches, whilst offering a rewarding rugby experience to all at the club and the wider community

This is supported by the Club's

  • Positive Coaching Scotland Document
  • Strategic and Educational Values
  • Youth Team & Match Day Policies

Through our Coaching Philosophy we coach to enjoy, coach to perform, coach to achieve

The Club’s Strategic Values of Health, Preparation and Participation and supported by our core educational values of Respect, Inclusiveness, Confidence and Pride

Youth Squad Coaching structures

  • Each youth squad has a lead coach in place, supported by a squad manager and skills coaches.
  • All lead coaches should be qualified in line with the Club’s approved Coaching Pathway document
  • All managers and skills coaches involved must be at least ‘Rugby Ready’ qualified and received clearance from the club to work with the respective squads.

The clubs coaches supported by Andy Morgan, the club coach coordinator, meet on a regular basis to share experiences, provide updates on what’s going on within their squads and look at ways in which to work better together. These sessions may also involve CPD sessions on such areas as the key national themes

If you are interested in becoming a coach, please contact either the respective squad manager or Andy Morgan in the first instance.

Key National Themes

Dunfermline Rugby is committed to delivering the key national themes as part of its training and coaching plans to ensure our players have the necessary skills to play the game of rugby.

The key national themes are

  • Handcatch
  • Tackling
  • Ball presentation
  • Offloading

Coaching resources are available either via Andy Morgan our Club Coach Coordinator or the SRU website