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Glenrothes Rugby Club
Dunfermline Rugby Football Club
Sun 18 Feb 11:00 - Friendly Full time

Dunfermline 13 - Glenrothes 15


Out rucked but not out matched.

Two friendly matches against Glenrothes.

Dunfermline 5 - Glenrothes 5
Starting line up - Lewis, Callum, Ruaridh, Arthor, Eddie, Finlay, Ollie and James

This was a game of lots of passing and each team gaining small amounts of ground. Both teams appeared equally matched which was reflected in the score. Glenrothes made a big run up the wing in the opening minute of the match but were tackled to the ground by Ruaridh and lost the ball to Dunfermline. Lewis started, passing to Ruaridh and then on to Finlay and back to Ruaridh again who made a nice running weave but was tackled by Glenrothes. Glenrothes took possession and made a run but was tackled into touch by Ruaridh. Ball passed to Ollie who weaves through the Glenrothes defence but unfortunately drops the ball forward and loses possession to Glenrothes. Glenrothes try to score but their attempt is held up by Ruaridh on the line. Eddie restarts by passing to Lewis and gets a warning for forward passing. Lewis runs forward and passes to Arthor in a space, after a messy set of tackles Ollie gets the ball and makes a long run past the halfway line. He is tackled into touch and the ball goes to Glenrothes. Glenrothes advance the ball and James and Lewis both fail to tackle them to the ground, Eddie manages to get in a good tackle but doesn't gain possession. Glenrothes make the try. Dunfermline restart but end up losing possession to Glenrothes due to forward passing. Eddie tackles and gets the ball passes to Lewis who runs into a wall of Glenrothes players and passes to Arthor who runs through the gap, passes to Ruaridh who runs on and scores. Glenrothes start and make an immediate run up the wing but get tackled by Ruaridh. Ollie restarts, passes to Ruaridh, then to Finlay who gets tackled, the ball drops out of play and possession goes to Glenrothes. Glenrothes move forward and get tackled by Dunfermline, in the ruck Dunfermline are slow to hand off the ball and Glenrothes gain the advantage by rucking over and gaining possession. This causes confusion in the Dunfermline ranks as this is a move that they haven't done in training. Glenrothes go on to score for the final play of the first half.

Second half lineup - Finlay, Ruaridh, James, James, Thom, Lucas, Adam, and Sam

Glenrothes start the second half. Adam makes a big tackle knocking Glenrothes into touch and gaining possession of the ball. Lucas starts, passes to James then onto Finlay, pass back to James then onto Thom who passes to Ruaridh who weaves through the Glenrothes defence takes a long run up the wing and scores. Glenrothes restarts, despite a nice tackle by Ruaridh, Glenrothes keep possession and are then tackled by Adam and James. Adam restarts from touch, passes to James, passes to Sam who makes a run then passes to Ruaridh. Ruaridh sprints for the line but gets tackled so passes to Finlay, then to Lucas. After a fight over the ball like enthusiastic puppies, Lewis ends up with the ball. A tackle ends in a ruck, but our boys are delayed in passing on the ball and Glenrothes ruck over and gain possession going on to score. Lucas makes a run for it but hits a Glenrothes wall and passes to James, another ruck ensues and is again won by the Glenrothes team. The won ball gets knocked into touch and is taken by Ruaridh, passes to James then Sam, passes to Thom then James. James tries to make a run for it but is stopped and passes to Sam who also goes for the run, Dunfermline support is lacking and the ball ends up getting knocked forward. The ball to's and fro's up and down the field between teams until after a good combination of passes, Lewis gets a nice long run and makes a diving try at the corner. Glenrothes restart and immediately break through a gap in the Dunfermline defence, despite a flying tackle by James they score. Lucas passes to Sam, Sam makes a weaving run past the halfway line and scores a try. Final play of the match, Glenrothes capitalise on a gap and score an easy try.

Dunfermline 8 - Glenrothes 10

Quilter Kids First Champions winner – March: Minehead Barbarians RFC

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