200 Club

What is the 200 Club?
The Durham City RFC 200 Club is a great way to support the Club’s fundraising whilst having the chance to win a great cash prize ! Proceeds are used entirely towards providing rugby for all: in the past it has funded one-off purchases such as training equipment and paid for refurbishment works as well as providing match funding for grant applications meaning the club get double the benefit.

How do I play?

Our 200 Club is a simple draw limited to just 200 numbers. Each month numbers between 1 and 200 are randomly generated by computer and those numbers are the winners! Each owner of the numbers will receive either cash or a cheque depending on the prize value and are back in for the next draw. There is no limit to the number of times an individual might win.

Who can play?
Our 200 Club is open to all and there is no limit to how many numbers an individual can buy.

How much does it cost?

Subscriptions are just £1.00 per week per number (paid by quarterly standing order) from the date of payment and the 200 Club can be joined at any time by completing and returning the form below.

How many drawings are there and what is the prize?
The total prize fund is £4000 ! In each year there are 10 monthly draws for 5 prizes: 1 of £50, 1 of £30 and 3 of £10, and a grand prize of £1000 is also drawn twice each year.

How will I know if I've won?
The results are posted on the clubhouse on the notice board, the club website and also in the members' weekly email. You do not need to be present to win.


200 Club Form