Rob Smith

Rob Smith

Looks like Rob Smith didn’t play this season

Also plays for

Saracens (2nd XV)


No Criac, Slightly Jowly, 3 kidneys, The usual stuff.

Sporting Heroes; O.J. Simpson, (mainly for his post-career stuff, Films, Comedy, Murder..)

Favorite Sporting Quotes;

''Bud Light, The perfect beer for blowing out the pipes!'' (Jackie Moon, the owner-coach-player of the American Basketball Association's Flint Michigan Tropics)

''It's like I've got this invisible juice,....and once I turn it on,..... I'm gone!'' (Willy Beaman, all star, if not slightly controversial black Quaterback for the Miami Sharks)

''Gold medals are the only one's that count!'' (Bradley 'Wiggo' Wiggings, having just won Olympic Gold for the Time Trial, not belittling at all for the silver medal winning equestrian team positioned next to him at the time - legend!

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