Club History

Easington Sports Football Club History

The Club was formed in the immediate post-war period of 1945/46 to fulfill the sporting and social needs of the young people of the Easington housing estate in Banbury, many of who were returning from war service.

The Club, then known as "The Clan', soon prospered, as there was an obvious need for such a facility, and formed a cricket, tennis and a ladies section. Football was, however, the main branch of the Club's activity, and they began playing in the local Junior Leagues as Easington Sports F.C.

The football was played on pastureland to the west of Wykham Lane, and for a few years endured the lack of facilities enjoyed today by almost all clubs. (No water available on site, no real changing facilities to name but two of the privations to be met on a cold winter's afternoon).

Fortunately, this situation was soon to change, for as a result of tireless fund raising by all concerned and some dedicated work by stalwarts such as Gordon Vivash, Tim Fountain and many other committed club members, the prospect of a new ground owned by the Club became a reality.

The purchase of the Addison Road ground and the building of a clubroom, together with the Club's entry to the Oxfordshire Senior League was the beginning of senior football for Sports, and to their credit they proved to be a formidable force at that level. (Becoming winners and finalists in the Senior Cup and heading the Premier League table on two occasions in the early and mid-fifties).

In view of their success at county level the Club sought entry, and was accepted into the old Warwickshire Combination, which at that time counted professional and semi-professional teams. (Aston Villa "A', West Bromwich Albion "B' and teams which now grace the Conference as members).

Although having moderate success in this competition, as with many other amateur clubs; finance played its part in the decision to return to the Oxfordshire Senior League, where the expenses, in particular travelling, were much more in line with the club's limited income. Looking to raise their standards once more, the Club sought entry to the Hellenic League. Subject to certain ground improvements they were readily accepted, and have remained as members of Division One ever since. With some "ups and downs', Sports have almost always been mid-table at the end of each season, which, considering their amateur status against mostly professional or well-sponsored opponents has not been too bad a record.

The Club has always sought to give the youngsters of Banbury and district an opportunity to get into senior football, and indeed beyond, and has continually run youth teams at various age levels. Wishing all those whose ability took them to higher levels good luck, and feeling grateful that the club gave them the start/platform to their careers.

It has sometimes been said that Easington Sports have not been ambitious or forward looking enough in their sixty years, but shrewd and cautious stewardship by series of committees over the years have ensured that the club has never overreached itself financially, and has remained faithful to its original ideals to provide football of a good standard for local youth.

  • 1971-72 - Joined Hellenic League Division One A
  • 1972-73 - Placed in Division Two on League re-organisation
  • 1973-74 - Division Two absorbed back into Division One

League Records 1971-Present

1971-72Division 1A24681040592011/13
1972-73Division 22010284825326/11
1973-74Division 140197147960459/21
1974-75Division 12614395233453/14
1975-76Division 126851343522910/14
1976-77Division 130144126059467/16
1977-78Division 13016596642535/16
1979-80Division 130771641722112/16
1980-81Division 13011281699316/16
1981-82Division 13023252188716/16
1982-83Division 130971440542514/16
1983-84Division 1341571259685210/18
1984-85Division 132752044682615/17
1985-86Division 130841850812814/16
1986-87Division 1341261653694212/18
1987-88Division 1305101526602515/16
1988-89Division 12891274143398/15
1989-90Division 130741933682513/16
1990-91Division 1301071352513710/16
1991-92Division 1321202042803613/17
1992-93Division 130552034762016/16
1993-94Division 134159106649547/18
1994-95Division 1381681478685611/20
1995-96Division 1349101545643714/18
1996-97Division 132552234782015/17
1997-98Division 132155126056506/17
1998-99Division 132881647563213/17
1999-00Division 128106125058368/15
2000-01Division 1W30126125561426/16
2001-02Division 1W32981537543513/17
2002-03Division 1W381561754675110/20
2003-04Division 1W34121664940526/18
2004-05Division 1W3418796038615/18
2005-06Division 1W34691937712716/18
2006-07Division 1W341291372744513/18
2007-08Division 1W34177107440586/18
2008-09Division 1W32961745693313/17
2009-10Division 1W30180125043546/16
2010-11Division 1W28951433463211/15

F.A. VASE Participation:

  • 1989-90 EP - A F C LYMINGTON - Away - 0-4
  • 1990-91 EP - DIDCOT TOWN - Away - 0-1

Leagues Played In:

Oxfordshire Junior League

Oxfordshire Senior League

Warwickshire Combination

Uhlsport Hellenic League

Easington Sports FC Principal Honours:

  • 1957/58 - Oxfordshire Senior League Premier Champions
  • 1958/59 - Oxfordshire Senior League Premier Champions
  • Oxfordshire Senior League Charity Cup Winners
  • Oxfordshire Senior League Cup Finalist
  • 1965/66 - Oxfordshire Senior League Division One Champions
  • 1967/68 - Oxfordshire Senior League Premier Runners-Up
  • 1968/69 - Oxfordshire Senior League Presidents Cup Finalist
  • 1969/70 - Oxfordshire Senior Ben Turner Trophy Winners
  • Oxfordshire Senior League Division Two Runners-Up
  • 1970/71 - Oxfordshire Senior Ben Turner Trophy Winners
  • 1998/99 - Ron Thomas Memorial Cup Winners
  • 2000/01 - Oxfordshire Under 18's 'Joe Roughton' Cup Winners
  • 2006/07- Oxfordshire Under 16's Youth Cup Winners