Selection Policy

Selection Policy

1st and 2nd XI Selection Policy


1. 1st XI and 2nd XI selection will be undertaken by the Selection Committee which is made up of Captains, the Cricket Manager, the Vice-Chairman and Club Chairman (Chairman of Selectors).

2. All teams will be selected by consultation & discussion in a meeting held after Junior Coaching at 8pm on Tuesday nights.

3. Captains must be in attendance to put their case forward for particular selection issues – emails etc will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances.

4. Should a captain not be available to attend a selection meeting, then a vice-captain can deputise for him.

5. In the event that neither the captain nor the vice-captain is in attendance, then the selection committee will make the selections for that particular team.


7. Every player is considered available for selection for every game in the season & is ready to play unless they have notified the club accordingly.

8. For a player to be listed as unavailable for the next round, the club must have been notified in writing (i.e. by email) no later than 12noon Tuesday of the selection week. If the unavailability occurs after midday Tuesday, it is acceptable for notification to be sent via text message to the Chairmen of Selectors provided it’s received no later than 7pm Tuesday evening. Anything outside of this protocol is considered unacceptable.

9. Players are expected to notify the club of their impending unavailability immediately upon becoming aware of it. Weddings & work conferences aren’t planned & booked that week, normally invitations are sent out six weeks in advance so the club expects the same courtesy.

10. If unavailability is lodged for one weekend, it is assumed the player is available the following or preceding weekend.

Selection Criteria

11. Players eligible for selection are those on the club’s playing list (Clubhouse System for 1st XI) minus those who have nominated their unavailability.

12. Teams will always be selected on the basis of skill, form, subscriptions paid, training attendance and ‘team balance’.

13. “Team balance” is defined by ensuring that each team is made up of 2 opening batsmen, 3 middle order batsmen, 1 all-rounder, 1 wicketkeeper & 4 bowlers.

14. Any player not selected in the 1st or 2nd XI will be selected as a 12th man or placed on standby (12th man pool) in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Generally a 2nd XI player will be 12th man for the 1st XI and picked in the 2nd XI. Should the 12th man be needed in the 1st XI the 2nd XI 12th man will replace him.

15. Where possible, players who are performing consistently well in the 2nd XI will be given the opportunity to play in the 1st XI. Conversely, if a player’s individual performances clearly indicate that he is playing well below his normal standard then the player may be dropped to the 2nd XI or 12th man.

16. A player who has not paid his subs will not be selected before a player who has.

Late Withdrawals

17. If a player withdraws from a team after selection has been completed on Tuesday night, the captain of that team will select a replacement from the ‘12th man pool’.

18. If there are no 12th men or all players on the playing list have been selected, the captain will be responsible for finding a replacement player.

19. Any player who withdraws from a team after selection has been completed on Thursday night for a reason other than (a) serious injury, (b) illness or (c) bereavement of a close relative, may find themselves not considered for selection for the following game.

20. Captains can apply to the Chairman of Selectors for special consideration to the selection policy if they believe the circumstances warrant it.

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