By phil holtom
16 November
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but where are you?

This poster has been used on so many occasions but, for Eccleshall RUFC, now seems an appropriate time to bring it out again. And not wishing to state the obvious, we really do need you – the players

Prior to March 2020, the club was regularly fielding 2 full senior sides and on occasions could have fielded 3 but the last 18 months has been a challenge for everyone with priorities changing. Dress it up however you like, Saturday is for Rugby so where are you? We are struggling to field 2 sides with some weeks, struggle with just 1. We do need you

The committee is doing all it can to offer a warm welcome, to ensure that excellent facilities are available, that experienced coaching is provided to all, that kit & clothing is on hand and that, on a weekly basis, there are fixtures to be played. All of this takes are extraordinary amount of time, effort and commitment and what we’re asking from you is a few hours of your time on a Saturday afternoon. Not too much to ask

I joined the club in 1995, having played 99.9% of my time in the 2nd row and have been both 1st team & 2nd team captain and, for that last 16 years or so, been the treasurer. For the mathematicians amongst us I will be 57 this season and I would be enjoying by 27th straight playing season. Most of the older members know that I don’t attend many social events - prob age related - but I’m dam sure my name is top of the list ready for the weekend game. The feeling of disappointment when, yet again, the majority of the players don’t have the same commitment, forcing a game to be called off. I’m all too aware that my playing career is coming to an end but it won’t be like this.

The floor is open. So,

- As a player, where are you? You’re not at another club

- What are other clubs (fielding 2-3 sides each week) doing differently to us?

- What do you need from the club to ensure your commitment each week?

I make no apologies for the passion as I have been and always will be a member, a player and the club. Now, where are you?

Phil Holtom
Eccleshall RUFC

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